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    The Clone Wars 2010 figures

    Apparently the new vehicles include those ever-present booklets that show off new products. The one in the blue-and-black packaging has a list of all the new Clone Wars figures for the year. Here's the list, with confirmed new ones in bold:

    1. Captain Rex (Orto Plutonia)
    2. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    3. Clone Commander Cody
    4. Destroyer Droid
    5. Yoda
    6. Count Dooku
    7. Anakin Skywalker
    8. Pre Vizsla
    9. Mandalorian Police Officer
    10. General Grievous
    11. Aurra Sing

    12. Captain Rex
    13. Cad Bane
    14. Clone Pilot Odd Ball
    15. Asajj Ventress
    16. Super Battle Droid
    17. Ahsoka
    18. ARF Trooper
    19. Battle Droid
    20. Mace Windu
    21. Commander Gree
    22. Battle Droid Commander
    23. Kit Fisto
    24. ARF Trooper (Teth Camo)
    25. Ki-Adi-Mundi

    26. Clone Trooper
    27. R2-D2
    28. Clone Pilot
    29. Mandalorian Warrior
    30. R4-P17
    31. Shaak Ti
    32. Boba Fett
    33. Embo
    34. Undead Geonosian
    35. Clone Trooper Draa
    36. Clone Commander Jet
    37. Quinlan Vos
    38. Cato Parasitti

    I'm not sure about #26, but it's probably a re-release of the white clone. I'm also not sure on the Clone Pilot, but as Odd Ball is also coming, I assume it's different (perhaps a re-release of Matchstick?). I wonder how the Boba Fett is different from the Slave I version, if at all - hopefully it's the poncho version. Anyway, the rest of the new stuff sounds cool - and it'll be awesome to have Quinlan Vos in the show, even though I can hear continuity hounds crying already.
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    #26 could be a flame thrower clone... we've heard rumors of that haven't we???

    I am really excited for Embo, Commander Jet, Shaak Ti and Quinlan Vos. I also really look forward to Shaak Ti and Quinlan Vos making their debuts on the show.

    I am crossing my fingers that #28 is the clone pilot below

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    Saw the remnants of a cse of these late yesterday at TRU. They had Yoda, Cody, and the Mandalorian Police officer

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonofsokol View Post
    #26 could be a flame thrower clone... we've heard rumors of that haven't we???
    That would be awesome. It would also be easy for Hasbro, since it would just be a repaint of arctic Rex with a different gun. Hopefully you're right.
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    With several other figures coming from Landing at Point Rain and the episodes that followed right after that (Weapons Factory,Legacy of Terror, and Brain Invaders) such as Ki-Adi-Mundi, Commander Jet, Undead Geonosian, and Clone Trooper Draa, it makes sense that a Flame Thrower Clone get included.

    I am a bit disappointed that Barris Offee is not on that list

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    Not a big deal, but still (somewhat) worth noting - the arctic Captain Rex is actually #12, and the normal one is #1. So just switch them. Carry on.
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    I got Pre Vizla and Aurra Sing from TRU on Friday. These are some seriously nice figures. The Pre Vizla figures is amazingly well done. I am very impressed with these 2 figures especially after finding out that the new Grievous is a "gummy bear" It will be a task to keep Aurra's antenna-thing from not bending/breaking off, but we'll see what happens.

    I didn't get the Madalorian Gaurd, mostly because they are not releasing a Dutchess figure for him to gaurd.

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    from a recent Hasbro Q&A over at not liking Hasbro's response since I have yet t even see these waves at retail....this is almost like the Legacy EU at TRU.

    Rebelscum: The three 2010 Clone Wars waves have been unusually difficult to come across at retail. It seems that if we didn't see the Aayla wave or Thi-Sen wave in January or february, we completely missed out on these figures, and the troop-builder figures from the Snow Gear Obi-Wan wave were not rereleased with the case revision. Are these figures all sold through, or are there still some cases from these waves that didn't make it to retail due to the glut of pre-Christmas figures hogging shelf space? Most stores' Star Wars sections are mighty thin these days, and it seems hard to believe that Hasbro would prefer all that empty shelf space for the next 6-8 weeks when kids are out of school and may be actively hunting for figures that they see on the back of their Snow Gear figures.

    Hasbro: There will be no more releases of Clone Wars figures in the red/white line look, so effectively these waves are done unless we re-release them at a later date (right now, there are no plans). The reason the figure pegs are bare in many places is because Hasbro and our retail partners have been heavily promoting Star Wars figures to clear out the inventory of the red/white packaging prior to the shelf-set of the new blue/black line at the beginning of August. As the new line is a "total reset," all of the old red/white assortments are being discontinued. In some cases, like with basic figures, the promotional activity over the last couple of months has depleted retail and Hasbro inventory ahead of schedule, and some shelves will remain dry until the new line resets.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    This is bloody ridiculous. At the rate I looked for these figures and found almost none the line may have well never been released. Now what, are we to be held hostage by the scalpers and the online specialty retailers. Sick, shame on you hasbro for screwing up again.

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    Check any local Ross, Marshall's, Big Lots, or TJ Maxx stores. It may take a while, and I can't guarantee they will show up, but a lot of later-wave (meaning those right before a relaunch) GIJoe and SW figures show up there eventually.
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