Apparently the new vehicles include those ever-present booklets that show off new products. The one in the blue-and-black packaging has a list of all the new Clone Wars figures for the year. Here's the list, with confirmed new ones in bold:

1. Captain Rex (Orto Plutonia)
2. Obi-Wan Kenobi
3. Clone Commander Cody
4. Destroyer Droid
5. Yoda
6. Count Dooku
7. Anakin Skywalker
8. Pre Vizsla
9. Mandalorian Police Officer
10. General Grievous
11. Aurra Sing

12. Captain Rex
13. Cad Bane
14. Clone Pilot Odd Ball
15. Asajj Ventress
16. Super Battle Droid
17. Ahsoka
18. ARF Trooper
19. Battle Droid
20. Mace Windu
21. Commander Gree
22. Battle Droid Commander
23. Kit Fisto
24. ARF Trooper (Teth Camo)
25. Ki-Adi-Mundi

26. Clone Trooper
27. R2-D2
28. Clone Pilot
29. Mandalorian Warrior
30. R4-P17
31. Shaak Ti
32. Boba Fett
33. Embo
34. Undead Geonosian
35. Clone Trooper Draa
36. Clone Commander Jet
37. Quinlan Vos
38. Cato Parasitti

I'm not sure about #26, but it's probably a re-release of the white clone. I'm also not sure on the Clone Pilot, but as Odd Ball is also coming, I assume it's different (perhaps a re-release of Matchstick?). I wonder how the Boba Fett is different from the Slave I version, if at all - hopefully it's the poncho version. Anyway, the rest of the new stuff sounds cool - and it'll be awesome to have Quinlan Vos in the show, even though I can hear continuity hounds crying already.