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    1:6 Sideshow Momaw Nadon!

    I've bought a few of Sideshow's 12 inch scale figures, including Jabba and Throne, Leia as Bousshh, Salacious Crumb/Ghoel etc. and Bib Fortuna. But FINALLY we get the one character I've most wanted to see done in this scale.

    Momaw Nadon!

    He looks terrific, considering his head design is expected to be tricky to pull off in a doll form I think they did a swell job. Awesome detail in the outfit with very minor differences from the most recent Hasbro figure. Skin texture and coloring very realistic and everything well proportioned.

    Pre-orders started today with the exclusive edition including his Ithorian Staff. At 125 bucks he's not cheap, but considering the craftmanship involved and the slew of original parts it's not totally unexpected or unreasonable. He also comes with a blaster and glass accessories.

    Also available is the Nadon's Nook cantina environment piece, similar to what is available for the Greedo figure with a slight re-design to the table. That costs about 90 bucks.

    Overall very impressed with the preview images for the figure and you can bet I got my pre-order in early. Holding out for the environment but I think it's a sure purchase eventually.
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    CollectionStation has been updated, both versions of Momaw Nadon and the Nadon's Nook environment have been added.
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    Prebooked Hammerhead, but not the nook(Greedo's is fine). Bring on more aliens!
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    Ordered! I'll pretty much order Hammerhead anything. He's one of my favorite alien designs.
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    It's cool, and I liked seeing the bottom of the feet given a quality sculpt too, but I just don't have $120 to spend on background alien figures. It's cool that it exists at all though, and I hope to see it at Comic-Con.

    They said it's on a pro body, how is that possible? Is his neck really going to be that small? The prometheus body is a standard human, but Hammerhead's design isn't at the neck:
    I wonder what they'll do.
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    This is awesome! But I can't afford both this guy and the Gamorrean Guard; so Hammerhead has to take a backseat for now.
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    Don't forget...ole' Hammer's not due to ship til early 2011 so...if you're tempted, pre-order now...if the circumstances aren't favorable to get him when ship time arrives, just cancel.

    I'm delighted to see something really "alien" from Sideshow's SW line. He looks great. My only main concern is that the joints on the base body are strong enough to support that oversized head.

    I just remember when Sideshow produced the Jedi Kit Fisto figure...the legs on the Buck just would not support that huge tentacled head without a stand. I just hope Hammerhead is self-supporting...

    So JT...did he look really cool at SDCC?

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    Hammerhead is here!

    I am truly impressed. This figure is top-notch all the way. Great engineering and design choices in bringing this unique alien into sixth-scale.
    His big head is a soft plastic that is light (to help the figure not topple over) but still manages to have great sculpt detail and good paint apps. The costume has a neat trick too...a few strategically placed "sandbags" to help the jersey hang better and give it some shape...great idea here. The real rope belt adds some unique texture to his look. The feet are also detailed on the bottom and have some movement at the "ankle" area for more posing opportunities.
    He comes with a gun, a very "distressed" looking stormie-style blaster and the exclusive is a golden staff that may bring a smile of recognition to longtime Hasbro collectors. The box lists an additional accessory...a drinking glass, but it is not included with the figure (nor is there a spot in the accessory or figure tray for it. This is causing a bit of a stir over on the Freaks board, but it's absence doesn't take anything away from the figure...and if one really wants a glass, they can pick up the "nook" cantina environment.

    As for me, my preference is to have this striking figure standing tall on display, not slumped in a chair behind a table...

    Sideshow really stepped up with this one...a truly unique and fun figure for the collection. The old Ithorian is destined to become a favorite in my display...

    Here's a couple of quick shots of him right out of the box...I'll post more over the weekend....

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    Great pics JediBear. I too received mine but didn't remove him from his product box. I'll be setting up a Mos Eisley 12" environment later with a mix of SS and mostly Hasbro figures. But I'm glad to hear he is of such good quality.
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    I received my Hammerhead yesterday -incredible figure! Been a while since I've picked up a SS 12", but I couldn't pass on Hammy. Gotta go on the Top 10 list of coolest Sideshow figures. I hope SS presses on with more aliens.
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