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    2010 "Blue Sky" Packaging got the official first look at the new packaging, which is what we saw a while back. At any rate, it's got a big ol' shot of an action figure card, and I actually kind of dig it. It's strange to have a sunburst for the first time in a long time, but I think it works. I also like the large character art, which I think should compliment the vintage packaging for the realistic figures. Rex's pose is a little cover girl-ish, but alright. Seeing actual packages and not mock-ups will be the deciding factor in whether these work or not, I suppose.
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    Glad we never changed over the site look to match the 2009 "red" theme.
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    I still think they should have used orange clouds instead of blue. It would hint at Geonosis, where the Clone Wars began, and it would be a much more dynamic color on the store shelves.
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    orange and blue - i'd expect to find a horse's head in the package.

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    i'm on the fence at the moment with this packaging. I like the art workfor the characters but the blue cloud theme isn't really speaking to me yet. looking forward to seeing them on the pegs in local stores though.
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    I like the new packaging, it looks sharp. It will be intersting to see in person, but from the pics, the cut-out looks deeper than the currrent cards, so hopefully it will stay on the shelves better. There is nothing like cleaining up an avalanche of Saggy Legends and CW figures after attempting to get the Legacy figure that has been shoved to the back of the peg. My 4-year-old gets a real kick out of it though.

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    They cardboard cand still be recycled, and the plastic too depending on your community. So after I open it up, nothing much has changed.
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    I think the background should have been something that is significant in CW, maybe some gunships or other things along those lines. As it is, I guess its alright, but nothing I'm going to hoot and holler about.

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    Blue = spew.
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    I agree about the bigger, longer character picture; it gives it a good on-the-shelf look. Is blue better? White was too bleached to stand out, and while black is classic, it too blends in too much. To quote Han, "it'll work... it'll work."
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