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Thread: Inception

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    Wow...must take....aspirin................................... .....and see again!
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    Trippy movie. Worthy Nolan flick. Some special effects that I don't recall seeing before that actually enhanced the storytelling.

    The whole "Hitchcock" moment was lame. I could not identify with Dicaprio or the wife's motives for conducting the experiment, especially at the cost they were willing to pay. I never would have been able to make the same choice. I think its a huge flaw in the storytelling.

    Yeah, I know, I'm being cryptic. But I don't want to spoil anything for those that haven't seen the show yet.

    I must say I don't get the high marks. The movie is worthy of a theatrical viewing, but its not the movie of the summer like some reviews would lead you to believe. I don't plan on seeing it again. No need.

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    As I said in the "What have you watched recently?" thread:

    Pure awesome.

    Along with The Departed and Shutter Island, this almost makes up for Titanic.
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    Who says Cobb or Mal WERE conducting the experiment?
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    Took my wife who hadn't seen it(she loved it); my second time. All I can say to those who haven't experienced Inception: pay attention to what the kids are wearing all thru the movie.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    I don't know if anyone else felt the 80s GI Joe cartoon/toyline vibe in the film, but I surely did. I liked the film, was impressed with its idea, and am a fan of questions, but I thought that maybe more could have been done to invest the audience in the main characters. The subordinate characters were far more interesting.

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    OK. Its been a couple weeks now so I can comfortably make my gripe about the movie. SPOILERS

    As a father I have forfeited a lot of my habits for the sake and well being of my daughter. She is my entire world and I do not partake in risky activity because I want her childhood to have both a mother and a father. I want to live to see her rear her own children.

    My problem with Dicaprio and his on screen wife is that I could not identify with them at all. They were terrible parents to experiment in the dreamscape when they clearly loved their children. In fact it motivated Dicaprio's character to infiltrate people's dreams illegally so that he would one day have the means to return home.

    I could never spend an entire virtual life playing god if I had to give up the time with my daughter. It just really made no since to me why Dicaprio and wife made that decision to stay alone in their own reality without children that they cared enough about that the wife would kill her herself to rejoin.

    That aspect should have been explained better. I could except it if he had explained that he did not know about the time distortion that occurs, but I didn't catch that.

    Anyway good flick. Not great. Some of it seemed shoehorned to fit the plot but like I said the design of the film was excellent and the photography was really good.

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    I finally saw this today, and I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped. Nolan impressed me with both Batman flicks, and with The Prestige, but here it felt so much like a setup that it took me out of the movie, and that ending intentionally leaving it vague just made it feel like nothing was important. And the second half of the film just felt like a lot of shots of Joseph Gordon Levitt sleeping through a car accident. I dunno, it felt so much like a convoluted gimmick that I ended up seeing through it WAY too early and it felt obvious, then it was a character play that felt a little shallow.
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    Well, I can't say I predicted the outcome. Because the twist in Prestige, I had convinced myself that Inception's twist was that the wife was actually the one that was diving into Dicaprio's subconscious to liberate him from his limbo the whole time. That the whole reason he was diving into his subconscious to view his painful memories was because something deep in his mind was telling him that his reality was elsewhere. I thought the wife had used inception on him which in effect meant that each "dive" that Dicaprio made, actually pulled him closer out of his dream state into his reality.

    The "reality" that was told was much more disappointing.

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    Yeah, I kept hoping the Dicaprio's wife would turn out to be correct about the dreamscape. I thought that not seeing the children's faces was an indication of this. Ultimately, it was difficult to feel much sympathy for Leo's character. He lied to his friends, jeopardizing their lives for selfish reasons and they just let it go without any complaint or further mention. That said, I didn't dislike the film; it was an ambitious take on the heist film concept.


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