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    Target's sudden lack of figures

    I read about it on another site, and have since seen it for myself in three stores - for some reason, Target has removed all of their basic figures from the shelves. Is anyone else seeing this? Does anyone know what happened to them (did Target remove them, did Hasbro take them back, or what)? I assume they wanted to clear stock before the August reset, but isn't this a bit premature? Maybe they're wanting to ship out later waves that haven't been seen as much, like the Aayla Secura and Darth Sidious Clone Wars waves, which have likely been prevented from seeing much distribution given stores choking on Admiral Yularen (note to Hasbro: despite supposed demand, Imperial officers are never good sellers, even in animated form). But the figures aren't even in clearance aisles, or anything; I bought two Super Battle Droids at $5 each the other day, and was still hoping to maybe get a few more army builders at that price, but it looks like they don't want me to have them.
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    A buddy of mine called from Vegas to say his Target had taken down all the SW figures. It was odd because I was just walking out of a local Target here that had the normal assortment.
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    Two Targets today, and neither was short on figures. 99% of what one had was Clone Wars, but another appeared to have just put out the TPM wave with the Tartakovsky gladiator droid quite recently.
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    My local Target had the regular number of pegs (15-20?), but they only had enough figs for about 1/peg. Normal assortment of other SW items, like the starships and such.
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    The Target, Walmart, and TRU stores here in Indianapolis are wiped out. Average of 10 or fewer figs on the pegs. Last restock was mid-May. Our local Hasbro rep came through and took away 99% of the Saga Plo Kloons and SaeSee Tins, which revealed what the real stock was left: Nothing.

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    I hit Target yesterday, sure enough, no more figures. They had 2 SWTFs left on sale, $10, I bought the AAT. No more figures was weird, Clone Wars is still an active line.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    Attached to this post are 2 pictures taken yesterday- one at a local Target and one at a local Walmart in Indianapolis. This is what we're seeing at most stores right now...
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    The Target by me has completely wiped out all of their single carded figures. Not a single one from any line and they had a bunch last week. They still have the ships, accessories like Clone Helmets, lightsabers, Galactic Heroes, SW Transformers. They did restock the Target two-pack Geonosis exclusives and all of them were available.

    Also, at Toys R Us, they have gotten rid of alot of the Kloons and Tins and have the most current Clone Wars and EU wave (none of the actual EU characters, just the repacks of Luke and such with the new droid pieces).

    On a more curious note, however, they have ended their $4.99 sale which was supposed to go to July 3 and bumped the figs back up to their normal price.

    I was thinking between the unusual activity at both stores, that maybe Hasbro is going to launch the reset earlier than initially stated. Wouldn't Target rather have something on the shelf than nothing? That space costs them alot in rent, doesn't seem like a responsible move on their part to leave half an aisle wall empty.

    P.S. This was in NJ in case anyone is wondering.

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    I went to two Targets today - One had no SW figures whatsoever and the other only had a few Clone Wars figures - Snowbi Wan wave, in fact.

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    My local target's pegs are empty now too.


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