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    TRU sale tomorrow......

    Star wars 2 for $9.99.........don't know how that's gonna work for the vintage collection though?

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    I'm guessing it'll just be the other assortments, since Vintage technically isn't supposed to be out.
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    either way, I'll try to take a couple of vintage figures up to the register and see what TRU in OKC put out 6 cases today......

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    [FONT=Courier New]Run it under a price scanner and it will show whatever promo offer there is. Today I scanned a GI Joe toy (no marker or tag on the shelf) and it scanned as "GI Joe (toy/vehicle, whatever) $24.99 Buy One Get One 1/2 off".[/FONT]
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    The ad states for all star wars figures up to $7.49...TRU has the vintage for $9.99.....?

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    Right. Saga Legends and Clone Wars and old figures are $7.49, while The Vintage Collection figures at TRU are $9.99.
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