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    memorable moments

    Having just scored the new wave II action fleet, (most notably the at-te), the feeling of joy upon seeing this thing on the shelf, brought back emotions from my action fleet collecting past.

    Finding action fleet for the 1st time in a walgreen drug store. It was an a-wing, I was amazed at the detail and felt that it would make a good toy for my almost 2 year old son. Boy was I right!

    Stumbling upon the galoob web site, and clicking the link for the buzz board. Wow! You mean to tell me, there are other people out there, who love action fleet as much as me?

    Seeing battlepacks for the 1st time at toys r us. Cool, you can get a ton of action fleet scaled figures to play with your action fleet vehicles. Excellent!

    seeing the hoth and death star playsets at toys r us. yay! a really cool play set to stage battles with....whoa! you mean to tell me, they included battle damaged vehicles as well?!!! have i told you lately that i absolutely love galoob?

    Getting my 1st action fleet toy from a fellow collector. Vt sent me a virago that he was amazingly able to snag for 8 dollars (these things were getting 40 samolians or more on ebay at the time).

    Seeing the gian speeder sneak preview set for the 1st time at toys r us. Wow, we’re really gonna be getting a new star wars movie, with entirely new vehicles to collect!

    Finding the e-wing and tie defender on clearance at target. Whew! Tracking these two toys down took the better of a year or so to find them.

    Finding the episode I series alpha’s at targets. Wow! da heck are these things?!!? I didn’t even know they were coming out with em!, cool the alphas are action fleet sized. Need mas quantities, make more!

    Finding wave II of the new hasbro released action fleet. The 1st new action fleet toys in three years!!!!!!

    Here’s to more memorable moments in the months and years to come
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    Talking i gotcher memorable moment right Here

    as i recall that virago i snagged u came with a stand that didn't seem to quite accomodate it, & as a non-af collector i didn't know why til after sendin it to you & you let me know it was cuz the stand actually went to a Bwing lesson lurned, i rarely bountyhunt outta my area of xpertise

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    I don't suppose you picked up an extra set (or three), gsj???

    still no joy locally as of today....


    oops! next time I'll read all the curernt posts before posting.

    Thanks for asking the clerk if there were any more AFs, gsj!

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    A few come to mind.

    Memorable moments
    Years ago, finding the 3 micromachines packs of Starship Troopers at Media Play when all I ever saw at TRU were action-fleet. The only time I ever saw those in stores.

    Coming across a loose set of the BP with Barada on eBay. I forgot to bid, but luckily, no one else did either and I was able to buy it off the guy.

    Forgetable moments
    Coming across the 3-4 ships in the E-wing wave when they first hit stores and picking them all up except for the E-wing because "that one's bound to be a shelf-warmer".

    Finding the Alien action-fleet ships at a comic shop. "$14! Bah. I'll buy them at Target."

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    #1 = Finding this site, and all the great experiences that have developed from it.

    2. Finding my 1st SWAFs at the local WallyWorld & displaying them next to my monitor while playing lucasarts X-Wing PC-game

    3. Discovering via the BuzzBoard that I wasn't the only person over 10 yrs old who thought these were pretty darn cool ships

    4. My kids getting old enough to play with the ships (without instantly trying to put pilots or astromech droids in their mouths), and watching them play with the ships, figs and playsets (and joining-in myself, sometimes).

    5. Me and the kids unboxing and setting up our loose ships on display shelves in the computer room.

    6. The "like father, like son" feeling of seeing for the first time, the couple SWAF ships my son has displayed on his dresser in his room.


    The roof leak that got lots of the boxed collection wet

    Felix Lu from the Bay Area selling me a "mint" (read as "expensive") Predator that arrived with a box that looked like it fell out of a tree, and hit every branch on the way down.

    Hasbro's apparent loss of committment to a consistent standard of quality, value and playability for this great line.
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    Re: Tish!

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    i rarely bountyhunt outta my area of xpertise
    Don't gimme that crap, you lurned a gud lesun, look how well you done; all those AFs and BP thingamajiggers you sent me - and I'm not referring to GSJs sacrificial E-wing

    sloppy wet


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    Originally posted by SWAFMAN

    Felix Lu from the Bay Area selling me a "mint" (read as "expensive") Predator that arrived with a box that looked like it fell out of a tree, and hit every branch on the way down.
    The ship's packaging was sent to you already damaged? That sucks. Did you at least get some of your money back?

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    My favorite Action Fleet related moment was when I found the Slave I. Star Wars is big in my area and it was nowhere to be seen. Plus there are some Action Fleet scalping scum in my area. The trick was beating them too. Anyways, I found it and I was estatic!!!
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    Originally posted by Jedi Idej:
    The ship's packaging was sent to you already damaged? That sucks. Did you at least get some of your money back?
    He would not offer any money to compensate for the misrepresented packaging, but he offered to take the whole thing back, less shipping. I kept it. I wanted the ship, or I wouldn't have bought it in the first place. Sending it back due to the NOT-mint packaging would've cost me the original shipping from him to me, plus my cost to ship it back to him. I'd have been out about $10, and still not have the ship. And, then he'd just turn around and get to sell it again to someone else, and again lie about the packaging. So that's why I kept it.
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    My moments:

    Finding the E-Wing wave at three consecutive Targets in one day. All on clearance along with oodles of older AFs. I was just getting into AF and had no idea about the rarity of my find. I passed on the Barge and bought one TIE Defender and one E-Wing and one of each of the older AFs they had between the three stores.

    Acquiring a Tank, my fave from TPM. I found piles of Royal Starships and Sith Infiltrators at my local WalMart but no Tanks. I was later able to get a Tank from a guy down in south Denver. I think his name was Michael (maybe O'Reily?) and I have no recollection of how I even found this guy. He said his son (who was in his 20s) collected AF and that he had ties with a guy in another state so he could help his son find new AFs. He was able to score me a Tank from Kansas (I think). I drove all the way down to a Good Times in south Denver to meet him. He only charged me for $15 to cover the cost of the toy + shipping. Maybe somebody in this forum is that guy's son (or even that guy himself). If so, speak up!

    I also scored some AFs from a guy in NYC. I emailed him because he was buying up all the Slave Is on eBay and I was trying to buy one at the time. I emailed to ask him WTF. He ended up finding me a Falcon/Interceptor on clearance at a NY TRU and also traded me a loose (complete including box) TIE Defender for something really insignificant that I can't recall now (this is before I bought one of the three others I found at Target).

    Completing after MONTHS of work in my spare time. I was so glad to see that site finally finished that I almost never wanted to see it again. Hence, this is why I haven't made the additions that I have sitting around like sections for Customizers, Links, and Collectors.


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