Pictures are rolling in throughout the interwebs . . . I await SSG's contribution, which has traditionally been the best.

However, based on what I've seen so far, there's a ton of awesome stuff still on the way.

In The Vintage Collection, I see Wooof, Endor Rebel Commando, Jedi Master Yoda (slight redo), Wicket, Admiral Ackbar, ROTJ Luke, Sail Barge R2-D2, and Gamorrean Guard, along with some repacks, like Wedge. Luke looks to be 100% new and much, much better than the barrel-chested 2009 one. The Gamorrean's head looks out of proportion, but the belt is positioned too high here, which might be throwing it off. The new R2-D2 mold has a weird head, but it looks like it has several opening panels and pop-up stuff, which is awesome.

The ROTS figures look great on the cards, from what I can see.

Looks like the Geonosis two-packs will indeed be coming back. So far, I can see Shaak Ti with upgraded articulation, Obi-Wan with a better head, a Rodian Jedi (maybe an update to the 2003 three-pack one), and C-3PO with the battle droid head.

One Hoth battle pack has an AT-ST, two snowtroopers, a cannon, and a new pilot who looks a bit like Robert Watts (who had a cameo as a pilot in ROTJ); the other has a turret repack, new cannon, both 2009 troopers (including the one who got cancelled), and what looks like yet another K-3PO in the build-a-droid mold.

Jabba is $34.99, which is a pretty great price.

For Clone Wars, there's an ARC Trooper battle pack, confirming the rumors about their Season Three appearance. There's also a four-pack of Mandalorian warriors - awesome. Among the basic figures, I see Goji, the clone pilot from The Zillo Beast with the Gojira-inspired helmet - too damn cool!

For vehicles, there's an AT-RT repaint with a Geonosis Boil and a Freeco speeder with a plain Orto Plutonia clone; also an AT-AP repaint, Hyena bomber, and AAT repaint.

Looks like they're doing two packs with a DVD and four figures each. One has Shahan Alama, Robonino, and two Commando Droids from Hostage Crisis, and the other has Rex and some clones from The Hidden Enemy. There are also two packs, one of which has two Senate Commandos and another of which has Cad Bane and an IG-86, and then some other combinations.

I can't wait to see more of it!