eFX: This is one of the most exciting products that we have ever announced! The long anticipated original Darth Vader Helmet from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope . What makes this product so exciting (other than the fact that it is DARTH VADER !) is the history, the mystery and the lore behind the original prop. With the help of the Lucasfilm archives, we discovered a truly lost treasure! We actually found, what we believe, are the original molds made by Rick Baker of one of the original Darth Vader helmets from the long lost original molds in 1977! Incredibly, Lucasfilm allowed us to make a casting from these molds for our master pattern. Be sure to check out our "In Development" section to read more behind the development and lineage of this replica, coming soon!

eFX intends on producing two versions of this helmet. One with an idealized paint job (i.e. painted with a spray gun) and a limited edition version with a super screen accurate hand brush painted paint job.

BTW some great Vader helmet pics at RPF by Art Andrews: