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Yeah, if you don't know what to look for they both look pretty much the same. Its the warts and dents that make all the difference. The only real obvious difference is the paint job.

I suppose efx figures that the Vader helmets are going to appeal only to hardcore collectors and marketing is kind of unnecessary.
That paint job I think is one of the most striking things, they matched the brush strokes, that's really impressive and yet you'd have to know to look for it between the 2.

I think the Vader helmet's heritage would probably pry more fans' wallets open if they knew of it. There's a lot of fans who aren't hardcore COLLECTORS, but are hardcore fans, and that heritage would mean a world of difference to them if they had greater understanding of the product or even an awareness of it at all -- eFX is smaller and hasn't got much marketing strength under their belt, with so much high-end SW product out there it's easy to get lost in a sea of expensive items.