Hi guys, didja miss me for the last 5 days while I was at the Con?


Annnnnyway, I'll be playing catch-up all this week on the coverage I amassed at SDCC last week, but it will be in stops and starts as I have other stuff going on as well. I ended up write the live Hasbro SW panel thing we had in the news (it says SirSteve because Steve was planning to, but we switched it up at the last moment) so I'm not sure there's much more I need to add to that. Other than that, here's the very basic outline of SW stuff I want to get to:

  • a little taste of the con in general, like what time the HasbroToyShop line capped on preview night, cool stuff from the SW pavilion, and more.
  • a hands-on write up with the new removable-blade Force FX lightsabers, and with the new Jabba set.
  • a write up on the GG/Sideshow/Kotobukiya/eFX Star Wars collectibles panel (GG and Sideshow suffered technical difficulties with their presentations so not everything got covered)
  • a couple corrections.
  • a detailed write-up of the walkthrough of Hasbro's SW booth with brand manager Derryl DePriest.
  • and the biggest thing IMO, I've got to transcribe a 2 hour Q&A/interview I had with Derryl that had to span 2 days.

That list isn't in order, as I have no idea when I'll get time to do which.

If you have any questions, want my impressions on anything, or just a suggestion, feel free to shoot it at this thread.

Also, I want to thank the Hasbro SW team for their incredible generosity with their time at this year's con, they were so helpful and full of info, there's tons of little tidbits I want to share with you guys (and a few I can't ). You'll be seeing that come up in my interviews a few times and I wanted you guys to know before reading it that it's absolutely genuine, the Hasbro SW team really outdid themselves for SSG's readers I think, and I hope you either feel the same once you read the coverage, or at least don't think I'm trying to BS those guys or you guys.