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    Manga and Cine-Manga, need opinions

    If you were to categorize them, would you guys consider Manga and Cine-manga the same as Comic Books, or would you consider them as some completely different categorization of books.
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    The same way that Star Wars is categorized under Sci-Fi, yes I would. I consider any graphic novels basically comics.
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    I agree with Scott McCloud's definition: anything that tells a story by the means of a series of static images, usually (but not always) incorporating words, is comics. (And, in its usage to define the art form, "comics" is a singular word.)

    Comics were not invented in the late 1800s. They were invented by cavemen. Manga definitely falls under "comics." (And in the first two sentences of this paragraph, I was referring to the plural of "comic," not the art form, lest anyone think I'm schizo with my subject/verb agreements.)
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