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    How to add weathering???????

    what's your best technique to add weathering to vehicles?????

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    I'm not especially good at it, but an airbrush would be best for getting the accurate weathering effect. I'm thinking a watered-down black, maybe mixed with a touch of brown for certain ships, would be best.
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    thanks for the tip.....that big AT-AT REALLY needs some

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    You could have a 6-year old (or you yourself ) play with the toys. That always worked(s?) for me.
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    My 5 year old is a pretty good "weatherer" but it still takes a couple of years with that method

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    Drybrushing tends to do a good job at weather effects.
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    Take some acrylic black paint and dilute it heavily with water. Meaning you should fill a small tray (I used to use the plastic caps that came with cake frosting containers) with water and put a few drops of paint in it; but not so much that the water becomes opaque, you just want it to be tinted. Take that diluted paint and brush it over the area you want weathered. The water will naturally cling to the recesses of the plastic and pull the paint with it. Then just let it dry and, since it's acrylic, removing any excess won't be that difficult.

    Try it out on something you don't care about as much first to get a good feel for it. If your paint is not diluted enough, the method is not going to work.

    Also, drybrushing is another good method. Dip the tip of your paint brush into some paint (like silver) and brush it onto a piece of paper until almost all the paint is gone. Then lightly brush your toy with it. The tiny remnants of paint on the brush will cling to the raised areas of the plastic.

    Again, I'd recommend trying it out on something else first since getting the paint consistency just right is a trial and error process.
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    Great site for painting techniques here:

    Hope it helps. No 6 year olds required.
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    thanx for all the tips fellas......i will weather the BIG AT-AT

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    darth hiatus....NICE link


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