All the above worries are seriously a surprise to me.

With at least a dozen hotel stays every year - and me quite often looking for "Budget" rooms and the likes (except when Holiday Inn Express or Best Western are available - I rather like them), it's hardly a big deal.

I used to live in LaMesa (my old apartment where SirSteve had stayed with me many years ago at prior Comic Cons) and it was near San Diego State and only the average amount of crime went on in the area - and none of which I can recall being witness too - though I was once paranoid some guy stole my phone and my underwear. (Didn't turn out to be true.)

Now I live in San Diego, but usually loathe having house guests for Comic Con. In 2006, I had too many - people sleeping on the floor in the living room, my cats getting scared from the people over and crapping and throwing up because they were distressed from the change to what they were usually accustomed to - and me having to be quiet in my living room / kitchen area when I wake up in the middle of the night and want to make myself something to eat and bang around doing laundry and dishes - or the cat boxes which have to be done when I'm not actually at Comic Con.

It got to be too much, really fast.

As it is, I am unable to work right now, because I am cleaning up so that I can at least host Steve in my spare room. On the extra bed are boxes of my Star Wars or Transformers that I need to drive 40 minutes round trip to return to my storage so that I can uncover my 2nd bed to sleep on.

While working from home, I NEVER keep a tight house. I write and do my thing and don't worry about it when I live alone and almost NEVER have company over - or can have at least the living room and one bedroom clear for a short visit.

So now I'm losing work time on my writing and delaying when my 2nd novel will be ready for review and instead preparing my house since there's just under a month out until the con. I am seriously irritated to do all this, plus load the truck for multiple trips to the storage, buring gas and hours I could spend otherwise. I've been starting to hate comic con every year because of this.

I swear that if I weren't so broke right now due to my business expenses, I'd just live in a hotel and say F-it.