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Not suprisingly, every hotel is sold out. Are there any rooms left at your hotel, JT? We could try for an SSG block of rooms.
The hotel I'm doing is 8 miles southeast and their price has more than doubled since I made those reservations a month ago, it's not really worth it unless you love the trolley and spending too much for what I'm sure will be a middling room. At $65 it was worth it to me, at $150 and up it's likely not going to be when for $50 more a night you can be within a mile at a bed & breakfast.

As for the time shares, we were getting quotes of $1100 for 1 or 2 bedrooms last month (1 or 2 bedrooms are listed usually as sleeping between 4 and 10) within 5-10 miles of the convention center, and walking distance was I think around double that. If we had serious interest, we could start that legwork back up - I am sure I can get the links Steve and I were passing around to start with - but it requires an up-front commitment which is part of the difficulty.