Finally found this one, the early released cases this one was the one that got snatched up first.

Cad Bane is a different figure from the basic, different head, different outfit, different everything. Same pistols and rifle, but different hat even.

The face sculpt is a teeth-gnashing grimace, it's simpler in sculpt than the basic figure with less character, but it works for this vehicle release, and they got the hoses in the right spots this time. The outfit is a buttoned up jacket that's more of a motorcycle look closer sleeves and no tails, and it has a separate shoulder bag (which is packed incorrectly over his right shoulder). The waist has a separate gun belt with holsters.

This Cad Bane's articulation is nearly super. Ball jointed head and mid-torso; ball-hinged shoulders, elbows, and knees; swivel hips; and rotation wrists. The knees are great, they bend well past 90 degrees for a fantastic bike-riding pose. The shoulders are a tad loose on mine, but they work. The wrists feel very thin and bendy, but they work for now. The torso has a good amount of range, important for riding poses.

Paint is pretty decent on the outfit, lots of weathering thanks to a black wash on the jacket and some leathery weathering on the gun belt. The head is simple and a little thick, a bit matte, but it gets the job done.

Accessories start with the hat, it's a bit different from before and a bit bigger too. There's the shoulder bag, which is a little awkward at first because it's slung on the wrong side. The twin pistols are nice, I believe they're the same but slightly different paint, they fit in the holsters and in the hands quite well, but the clear bands have warped them and Bane's hands a little. The bike sports the last accessory, Bane's rifle, which I believe is the same as the basic figure but didn't compare. It's pretty gummy, but holds its basic shape ok, it's just that figures like this can't actually hold rifles with that kind of grip without a hinged wrist, so it's awkward to use for the figure, but that was the case before as well.

The Pirate Speeder Bike is a Swoop and an interesting one. It has a small front hover-cup thing, 2 skis in the middle of the bike, it's a 2-seater with 2 rather long seats each, and then the back has 2 outrigger boxes. It's got that dirty pipe-fitted bike thing, plenty of detail, only a couple screw holes on the side, a decent amount of painted detail, and worn silver and browns. Bane can hold onto the handlebars easily, although they are set forward enough that he has to use plenty of biker lean to use them, and his feet peg into large footboards. The rear seat has no footboards nor a seatbelt, sucks to be the passenger. There is a gimmick here as well, slide the rear tailpipes of the outrigger boxes forward to pop up a small hinged plate and reveal triple guns from either box. It's a simple gimmick, but made effective by the hinged plate hiding them (you can see them from the underside, but they can't fire with that plate there). And as I mentioned before, there's a clip at the back holding his rifle.

Bane can ride 2-handed of course, but he can also be smartly poses reaching for his gun while the other hand holds the grip, it looks really cool actually.

All in all, this is a cool set. It may have a few little issues, but overall it's quite nifty and stylish, there's a good figure included with a decent set of accessories. At $16 it's worth getting.