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Thread: Jackass 3D

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    Jackass 3D

    Trailer is up!
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    YES!!!YES!!!YES!!! I'd heard rumors that they were in the process of making another one, but hadn't heard much else. Can hardly wait to see this one. The 3D element could make for some really hilarious/sick moments.

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    DarthQuack, I would have reported your post for breaking the forum rules, but I could never report anyone who shows so much love for the Wilburys. (And I say that with no irony. Really, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, and George Harrison in one place at one time? Sounds good to me!)
    That's my jacket!

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    I just watched Jackass Number Two the other night with Cappy and Slick and I could go for some more insane idiocy.

    I love how Knoxville describes the new movie:
    "We're taking the technology that James Cameron developed for Avatar and shoving up Steve O's butt." (paraphrased).
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    Breaking the rules how, Chux?

    That last bit, the high-five with Wee Man, that had me dying.

    They had some sort of Jackass 3D zone outside Comic-Con this year on Friday in a parking lot I had parked in last year, Steve and I wanted to check it out but were on our way to another event.
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    Well, I finally got around to seeing this today and it didn't disappoint. I would have to say that its tamer than the second one, but more in line with the first one. Don't get me wrong, it had its moments.


    Lamborghini Tooth Pull - This was the worst. I was squirming when they did this. They decided to pull out Ehren's crooked tooth by hooking it up to Bam's Lambo. Bam really romped on it and pulled it right out with Ehren, obviously, freaking out. I'll be thinking about this for days.

    Poo Cocktail Supreme-Steve-O gets launched high into the air in a porto-potty that is full. Needless to say, he gets covered and its pretty graphic and disgusting, but hilarious.

    Electric Avenue- They dangled activated stun guns from the ceiling of a hallway, and had members of the crew run through it, with Bam catching the worst of it.

    Beehive Tetherball-Dave and Steve-O use a "ball" crammed full of Africanized honey bees, or so they claim. The obvious happens, they get stung pretty bad but Dave was really freaking out at the end.

    The 3D was an interesting element, but I don't think they fully utilized it, except for a few skits. I'm probably not the best judge of it since it was my first 3D movie.

    If your a fan of these guys, I definitely recommend it.

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    Saw it opening weekend and loved it. I'm going again this week when my brother-in-law gets home.
    The 3D was spectacular, as they used it for the gimmick it is. Sure, there are times when you don't really notice it, but the segments that fully utilized the 3D are great, especially that opening credit sequence (which had to really expensive with 3D and slo-mo cameras being used simultaneously).
    My only minor gripe is that very few of the guys seemed to want to do any of the stunts. They didn't seem as into it as they did in the previous movies. But, even though they didn't want to do most of the stunts, kudos to them for doing them anyway.
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    I think they seemed more reluctant because they're just older and their bodies can't take the beating like they used to during the TV show.

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    This was a double first for me as it was my first 3D movie and the first Jackass movie I've seen.

    I think the 3D was most effective during the beehive tetherball stunt. I kept wanting to wave the bees away because it actually felt like they were flying around you.

    The opening "high five" stunt was the best part of the whole movie. I also liked the one with the stun guns and pin the tail on the donkey.
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