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    Growing up as a kid and watching Empire Strikes Back everyday after school, I had always assumed that the ship was a Tie Bomber-like ship. Tie Shuttle seems like a very likely explanation. Thanks for the pics Jar Jar!
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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks

    How do they always screw up the paintjobs? Look at the Y-Wing, B-Wing, new AT-ST and Crashed Snowspeeder to see they do a pretty good job now on paintjobs. As for it being a rumor. I dunno, unlike the Imperial Shuttle, we have seen pictures of the 25th Anniversary X-Wing.

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    Yeah, saw pictures millions of unproduced figures too. What does seeing a picture prove?
    There won't be an x-wing release until a store picks up on it. There won't be a shuttle release if a store doesn't pick up on it. Why do there need to be pictures of the shuttle when it won't have changed a bit other than not having electronics. It's still only a rumour until either the store or hasbro confirm it.

    The paint decos on the vehicles are oversprayed and badly sprayed on every single one I've seen. Sticker application at the factory is tardy and slapdash. Evidently my expectations of what constitutes quality are far in excess of your own. And my expectations aren't exactly that high considering these are mass produced toys not hand crafted toys.


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