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    Captain Needa's little ship?

    What kind of ship/transport does Needa take to Vader's Star Destroyer in TESB to apologize to him for losing the Falcon? And should it be made?

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    Needa was a punk. Of course we shouldn't design his little wussy ship.

    But they should design a playset that looks like the conning tower of an Imperial Star Destroyer and folds out/opens up into a Bridge playset. That would be neato.

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    Um - that would be an IMPERIAL SHUTTLE, Lamda class. just like that flipping big vintage one that got made and should be remade right now this instant!!!!!!

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    Cool, I had no idea that's what it was. It should definately be rereleased.

    Thanks Jargo.
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    hmmph. Looked like a blur of light going from ISD A to ISD B. Nothing Lamda like about it.

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    Maybe it wasn't lamda class after all. I don't think it was actually more than a fast animated blip. but as the only shuttles in the OT so far are the Lamda class i just summised that it would be the same class as the Tydirium. Of course, The TIE bomber was planned as a transport vesel before it was a bomber, so it could be a TIE bomber as a passenger shuttle. If I remember rightly it did look kinda flat. I'm going to have to watch the movie again, I'm getting foggy memory here. I haven't watched any of them in ages so it's a good excuse to bone up about SW so I don't end up talking out of my tush.

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    I think I remember one of the cross sections or guides to the ships of Star Wars showing the shuttle Needa uses. But it's most definatly not a Lambda class shuttle, since at the time that ESB was made they weren't even designed yet. That was another thing they could have added for the special editions. Change that lil light blur shuttle into an Imperial Shuttle. That would have been a good change, but then so would have been getting rid of Old Lady w/ Chimp Eyes Emporer Palpatine. Maybe since Lucas is going to film new stuff for the Archival Editions of the films, he can replace that weird hologram with one that's played by Ian McDiarmid while he's at it.

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    I thought Needa's ship was a small, blocky fat-"T"-shaped transport.
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    People have said it was this modified TIE Bomber that's been mentioned that instead of a bomb carrier is a troop carrier and is used for flight infiltrations, although if you look close enough on the picture it doesn't look anything like the back of a TIE Bomber, I'm guessing it's an earlier prototype or a later version of the line of TIEs which Vader's TIE Advanced x1 prototype came from which was just a kit-bashed model which was used during filming of that scene. Not alot of info has been given about it though. I hope they either replace it or give a better view of it for the DVD if we ever get a DVD.
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    Anyway, Emperor Jargo is right of course. We definatly need a Shuttle NOW! It could come with some sort of EU Shuttle Pilot figure. I'd welcome one of those.

    Bring it on Hasbro!
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