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Thread: sports rollcall

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    sports rollcall

    well its about time u had this.
    favorite sports team-
    favorite player-
    least fav. team-
    least fav. player-

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    favorite sports team-professional is ny jets; college is UNC Tarheels
    favorite player-Jonathan Vilma
    least fav. team-Duke and the New England Patriots
    least fav. player-Tom Brady
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    same as me

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    favorite sports team-Gryffindor
    favorite player-Harry Potter
    least fav. team-Slytherin
    least fav. player-Draco Malfoy
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    favorite sports team- Yankees
    favorite player- A-Rod(not because of his recent hot streak either)
    least fav. team- BoSox and Mets
    least fav. player- Man Ram and Ortiz
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    love the avatar kiddy

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    Favorite Team-New York Yankees
    Favorite Player-Derek Jeter
    Least Favorite Team-Boston Red Sox
    Least Favorite Player-Is not a baseball player at all...Terrell Owens
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    Favorite Team: New York Yankees
    Favorite Player: Alex Rodriguez
    Least Favorite Team: Boston Red Sox
    Least Favorite Player: Barry Bonds
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    Favorite Team[s]: Univ. of Kentucky (NCAA Basketball), Detroit Pistons (NBA), Tampa Bay Bucs (NFL), VA Tech (NCAA Football)
    Favorite Player: Tayshaun Prince (UK grad, Pistons starter)
    Least Favorite Team: Duke (Amen JAH)
    Least Favorite Player [athlete]: Lennox Lewis
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    Favorite Team: Creighton Univ (NCCA Basketball), Univ of Iowa (FB), any non-New Jersey team in the NFL :P
    Favorite Player: Nikolas Lidstrom (NHL)
    Least Favorite Team: Any MLB team but particularly the ones in Chicago and NYC
    Least Favorite Player: Just about anyone in the NBA
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