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I have read several reviews claiming the flip-clip attachment fails easily and flings your second clip to the floor, that gave me pause.

I hit WM tonight, 2 different tags for clips and none to be seen.
My son has the clip and it does fly off at the slightest quick movement. However, he sticks the extra clips in his pocket and reloads that way.

I ended up giving him his guns back do to no room to hide them from him. I gave him one last warning not to shot his sister or I would give them to a charity. No sooner than I said that then my daughter picked up one of his guns and shot him in the face. I laughed my head off, but now I get, "How come I can't shoot her but she can shoot me," all the time. So the rule is pretty much out the door. Last night we played a round and I used her as a shield just to mess with him.