Shame to hear the Raider isn't all that great, but I'm glad it seems to at least have some redeeming qualities.

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I'm not surprised about the distance on the Longshot being a claim of BS, they put air restrictors inside the bolt to keep these from being too strong and thus a danger to children. I hear that you can get the claimed distance if you load the Streamline darts with the little exhaust hole facing upwards, this seems to affect their flight just enough to make that little difference.
Granted, the Longshot seems to have a bit more oomph than the Recon, but yeah, the 35 feet claim is probably without restrictors. I can't tell much difference with having darts' vent holes facing up or down, both setups seem to act equally unpredictable. The only significance I noticed is that they had no problem with flying perfectly straight.

One of my dart's rubber trip got cut off during a jam in my Recon, and it seems to fly a bit further than the rest. Of course, I'm not about to cut off all the rubber tips to my darts just for that, but I may cut off some if I ever pick up one of these.