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I was thinking of something like an M203 launcher the other day as well! With the adaptation of various real firearm features, it feels like it's a necessity to have something like that. I was thinking it could work as a separate release as a ball launching gun. The backend could twist off, revealing a mount that is compatible with the existing modular barrel mounts on the Recon and Longshot, so it could attach to those just like the Longshot's barrel/pistol.
I like the idea of a slide better, just because more N-strikes have the rail, but your idea is cool too.

The removeable backend could also have a mount for a stock like Recon and Raider, and because it uses the modular system to attach to the launcher, it could be attached to the Longshot's barrel/pistol.
Basically, it becomes its own gun at that point then.

Completely unrelated, but there's a cool looking small gun coming out, seen here. Also, Target has a bandolier.
The bandolier is kinda cool. I am pretty sure it's designed to double as a strap for something like the Recon which has a clip point on the stock (most of the rifles have a clip point on the grip as well).

That other gun isn't so small, the Deploy looks pretty big even when the grip is needlessly folded away. I dunno about that one, the gimmick seems pointless, the flashlight is gigantic and has a clip sticking out, the gun has a clip sticking WAY out the side - not like the Raider, but crazily so. Still, it looks like it could have some charm, it has shotgun-style pump action.

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Can you imagine a Nerf SW line? Lightsabers, DL-44 blasters, Geonosian sonic rifles, Ewok bows and arrows. We'd be out of our economic woes in less time than it'd take to empty a volley of Nerf missles! Maybe we could use them in our interantional conflicts instead of bombs and bullets.
Hasbro did make a Nerf SW blaster, the Clone Trooper blaster is a Nerf gun, as is the Rebel Trooper blaster. If it hadn't been WHITE, I would have bought it. If they make Nerf Lightsabers the way they're making Nerf Swords right now though, I'd be on cloud 9. Those hard plastic basic sabers they make are fun for battling, but they are somewhat unsafe for dueling because they're sharper than they should be at the collapsing points.