The Alpha Trooper was a huge hit, my sister loved the rapid fire gun, and my niece liked most of the other guns. The darts sting a little, didn't realize. They wanted to get into the Stampede, but it was just so awkward with the size and weight. They want me to bring over the arsenal again, I'll leave out the Maverick as its action is dying with age, and probably the Recon since single-shot fun was dead to them, though it might make a nice backup handgun since the Maverick is getting retired. The Stampede's shield worked nicely, the grip worked well too (never got to use the bipod), the stock on the Alpha Trooper didn't really seem to matter, the Raider fared ok but with its rapid-fire dead, it was really not thrilling - I suspect next time, I'll end up using it (unless Hasbro gets the replacement to me before that, they are sending a replacement). The drum mags worked great, my niece had a problem with the Alpha dropping the 18-shot ECS clip though, that was really odd. We lost 4 darts, not too bad in the scheme of things. They NEED to sell those mini-drums or ECS clips though. My sister felt that their home needed 2 nerf guns.

In terms of jams, the Stampede had a few jams that got pretty dire, I think all were with the 35-shot drum. The Raider had 1 jam that caused my sister to just abandon it with shots still in the clip. My niece had a few jams, but her trouble was mainly with the slide on the Alpha and how it pertained to the clip. There were a lot of moments where we thought stuff was jammed that turned out to be merely dry - the darts dwindle pretty fast. My niece the first time around grabbed the Maverick exactly as I hoped it'd work out, but the slide action being worn down was a letdown. If she had grabbed the unencumbered Recon it would have worked well.

Oh, and I saw the single-shot IX-1 for $6 at Kmart the other day. These are the slide-action N-strike blasters that are no longer than a grip and trigger, they have a short top tac-rail, and until now they've been sold only in multipacks at TRU. If they had an adapter to marry the tac-rail to the Stampede or Recon, that would be SO rad, then you'd have a bonus shot weapon. Packaging claims it'll shoot 36 feet, which is more than any other I think, kind of bold to make the smallest gun the best distance.