So, I got the Alpha Trooper as a late b-day gift, but it's possibly a lemon? The pump action is very unreliable and I have to slam AND hold the foregrip forward in order for it to feed through the darts properly, which is mostly fine on slam-fire but very annoying for individual shots in which I let go of the foregrip and hold one-handed or hold it by the base of the barrel. It's very common for the foregrip to slip back a little after loading a new shot which makes it not **** properly. Generally when that happens, even if I slam it forward again, it slips back a bit. If hold it forward then it will **** it but it will have very weak pressure to it. Has anybody else experienced this with their Troopers? It doesn't seem to be too rare of a problem according to google, but I haven't seen it mentioned in reviews. I want to take it back, but I'm worried that won't help as some people have picked up two at a time and both had the problem. Plus, even the closest Target is a long drive.

Upon analyzing it compared to the Recon, though, I bet the muzzle was originally supposed to be modular. The Raider and Barricade both have unique muzzles, but the Trooper's is strangely just too thin - but the Recon barrel can fit onto it. It just can't lock. I think originally the Trooper was supposed to be a larger gun, and its strange barrel shape was supposed to match that of the base of the Recon's barrel, so it could take it. But, for some reason or another, they scaled the gun down slightly. This seems most evident by observing that the handle of the Trooper and the Recon are the exact same design, but the Trooper's is slimmer.

The scaling down probably made the muzzle too thin to accept other barrels and was prone to easy breakage, so they took away the extra layering that had the notches for the barrel attachments to lock into, thus why it's so close in appearance to the modular muzzle. Between the cocking/loading problem and realizing it has such lost potential, I'm very disappointed with the gun. I still like the design... but I don't know. Should I try to exchange it for another or just get my money back? Or, try to go through Hasbro's customer service?