That's very weird, you'd think they'd glow all over. Maybe the production process has them secured at the end when the chemical is applied (though I would've figured it would be mixed in with the foam)? At least they sound worth getting for the white appearance, I was a bit concerned that they'd have a green tint as you noted with other items. Of course, the Whiteout series (especially the Longstrikes) seem to have dried up, so no idea if I'll have that reason to get them.

Kind of nice to hear that the Rayven is only $30, although there was a video (I can't find it at the moment) where someone laid a Recon without stock or barrel added to it and the Rayven was only about 1" longer. That's a pretty small gun for $30, especially since its tech was only last used in the $15 Barricade. I guess it makes sense that the magazine costs $15, but... I really wish they had just made it a separate release. The Rayven would be a much welcomed replacement to the Barricade. Can you believe that thing has 6 separate releases, so far? Maybe 7? I don't know if it's part of Target's clear series yet. I really, really, want it but it's definitely a wait for a good bonus pack or a sale.

Thanks for the detailed info on the Swarmfire, it's one I've been very curious about. The design struck me as a very scifi-ish design and thought the darts firing off of a spinning head would've been great - but the weight sounds terrible. It sounds like it'd be a killer on the wrist, and for little payoff for the automatic fire feature compared to the Stampede. I'm curious if they'll be keeping it around once its little brother is released?