I got Mace's starfighter because I bought the CW Slave-One.

It's inclusion was an afterthought for me.

But I love how the almost-AOTC starfighter separates into the ROTS starfighter!

I wish it only had the rear ROTS s-foil flaps and it's really a nice ship.

I hadn't played with one before. As for the Jedi Starfighters, I'm more of a fan of the ROTS ones than the AOTC ones.

However, I may only be interested in adding Plo Koon's to my "fleet," as after I display Obi-Wan and Anakin in their movie ships, I don't see a reason to repeat this, nor with Ahsoka.

My V-19s will be displayed with Anakin's starfighter from the Gennedy series.

It's enough. (Unless they make Jocasta Nu's Jedi Starfighter with launching library card cannons!)