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    Is Lando Calrissian the only Star Wars character to wear collars in the movies?

    In the upcoming Ep 7 movie, General Hux wears a collar on both his tunic and his coat, they bother me so I went digging because Star Wars generally has nehru-style collars if any at all except for Lando, and what I found was that Lando seems to be the only one that has a traditional collar.

    In ESB, his cape has a collar:

    At the end of the film, his shirt has a collar:

    In ROTJ, as a general, his uniform had a collar:

    This was obviously intentional, Lando is the only character of note which I can think of that wears one, it's a style choice on the part of the costume designer. So what does it say about the character, what about collars makes them so special about the storytelling that every other significant character's costume doesn't have them, and what about Lando is so unique that they designed his costumes to break that?
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    It's because he's Lando. He's got more style than the rest of those bathrobe-wearing losers.
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    Chewie had a collar, when he let that woman pull him around everywhere! :zinger:

    I just think this is another example of how there was more put into the design of E4-6 (and maybe even E1-3) than the public gives credit. Or that the actual First Order given was: "I've got a fever... and the only, cure is... more collars!"
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    Barada's shirt had a collar… and puffy sleeves.

    I guess Lando was the trendsetter for future generations.
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    Fellow skiff guard Brock Starsher wore one as well, and so did the Rebel crews in ANH and ROTJ, including General Madine. The new collars on Hux and co. are based on real-world military designs, according to the designer.

    Yeah, I'd go with Chux and say it's due to him being more stylish and classy than everyone else. The man lives in a city in the clouds; he's got to keep up appearances.
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