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Good frickin' lord, I don't want to get into this g***** debate again. I merely stated that for those people who can't afford or can't use blu-ray, for those who think it's wasteful to get and throw away electronics every couple of years, or for those who don't plan to re-buy their entire collection and don't see the need to get a new player for just one movie or a small handful of movies, I would hope this is released on DVD. If not, eff Lucas; he doesn't need the money too badly.

There are people who just don't care, or who don't see enough of a picture improvement to justify even $88 for a new player. It's foolish for the movie companies to be so set on ramming blu-ray down everyone's throats less than a decade after the wide adoption of DVD that they ignore this.

I've said my point. Continue ridiculing me over some perceived mental defect.
Wow Chux, breath, I was just messing with you.

FTR, I will probably not buy these without the theatrical release. Besides, I can just rent 'em from Netflix.

Chux, honestly if you want the bonus stuff it will likely be available for download from a few nefarious websites, so I wouldn't worry too much about that, we live in the information super duper age.