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    would you buy a snowtrooper 3 -pack, bespin guards 3-pack, or a deathstar trooper 3-pack???? i would especially if they all had unique heads.....
    I'm pretty much spent on Snowtroopers but if the others came with unique heads I would certainly grab them. I would do it for pretty much any army builder except for Stormtroopers and Scout-troopers since I've hit my quote for those.
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    I hope this is a limited set. I would hate to see this choking up the isles. The only real appeal is vintage nostalgia or a good price if you wanted that particular group of figures which is unlikely. The real odd thing is the way they talk about the limited amount of real estate in the boy aisles and they take some 3packs which are fairly small and put them in this huge box force them to dedicate a three foot section.
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    I have to assume this is a pretty limited set, it's got nowhere to go on store shelves and it's quite expensive.
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