so I received a carded "new" vintage figure from yestertoys the other day. to my surprise the figure was shipped in a flimsy thinwall cardboard box that can't withstand any light hits not to mention strong blows to it.
what you see in the pics below is the condition the box arrived in. the box's height is barely higher than the bubble itself. needless to say that damages to the bubble and card are inevidable.
it has been a long time to see a bubble arrive in that kind of a condition. the seller claims he ships thousands of figures like this, which means, YOUR'S COULD BE NEXT!
i very rarely discuss these things in public, actually never. but if you like your figures and cards near mint, one should be aware of this.
i expect more from someone whose shipping is expensive.
to solve this i was asked to return the item before a new one would be shipped. so basically i'm supposed to pay more for a decent figure just because the seller is not capable of protecting their goods in transit with a large and strong enough box in the first place.
i also had to wait very long to get responses to my emails.