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    How do you display your new AT-AT?

    I have mine in a HUGE hoth battle diorama.....One is stomping on a snowspeeder, another one in kneeling down, and the last one is standing straight up with all the snowtroopers being deployed.....

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    Mine is currently still in the Wal-Mart.
    May the force be with you.

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    I've got mine on my coffee table for right now, but it's so big that it's actually blocking my view of my television, so I need to move it soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    I've got mine on my coffee table for right now, but it's so big that it's actually blocking my view of my television, so I need to move it soon.

    I want one of these, but it's just too hard to shell out $100!
    May the force be with you.

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    Right in front of my old Hoth AT-AT and the rest of my Hoth stuff, with plenty of white styrofoam as snow terrain (easy to make) It's not on display now like it was (pics in the "show us your collections") Looking forward to the Target Hoth AT-ST too. I'm thinking it'll have to be a bigger shelf though now with the new turret and speeder bikes and the AT-AT.

    Of course I have to buy the new AT-AT first, but it is a must have for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99 View Post

    I want one of these, but it's just too hard to shell out $100!
    I've attached a photo. I've just moved into this house, so things are a little messy, but you get the general idea. That's the BMF in the background.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    Dude, that AT-AT is taller than your TV!

    That thing is a monster!!!
    May the force be with you.

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    Mine is sitting next to my recliner like a dog. I'm considering using it as a side table.
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    I got this for my birthday, I don't have any space for it right now, it was a chore even getting it home (I set it up for my family to see). I made space in the junk pile I call my bedroom yesterday near the foot of my bed.

    I couldn't justify buying a ton of new Snowtroopers for this thing, they're a pretty specific trooper type, and the peach head paint has left me quite frustrated with this figure. So I decided to use all the modern Stormtroopers I had instead, on Endor we see AT-ATs so they must be filled with regular stormies, right?

    I had about a dozen modern stormtroopers total, from VOTC to the inaccurate Tantive IV battle pack trooper to Han & Luke troopers to TAC troopers (my fav) and even the Space Trooper. I tried to group them by helmet design, the VOTC and Han troopers are ANH-style with the smaller lenses, while the TAC and Tantive IV troopers are more of the ESB/ROTJ style that I prefer at this scale. I found that there was a lot of variety in yellowing, the VOTC figure was entirely yellowed, while some of the TAC troopers were yellowed while some were not. I put them all in the main hold, and it was tough, I had to build from the middle out.

    The main hold on mine has about 9 stormies (I ended up running out of space) in a variety of poses, 1 is holding onto the side railing, 1 each side is standing on the peg right under the stowed rappel systems, and I used my display VOTC Stormie who has turned all yellow to be climbing down the center ladder in the main hold, he's all the way down into the bottom trench, I had to remove the ladder entirely and clip him onto it but he looks pretty cool climbing down, his ball-jointed head allows him to look down quite well.

    Also in the main hold, on either side is a snowtrooper at the front ready to lead the charge, I'm treating them like specialty troops to lead out the door into unknown conditions, hence the alternate armor. Behind one of them is the ANH space trooper, basically the same task, unknown-conditions trooper. I also have my lone Imperial Scanning Trooper in there manning the hold's main console, and have Han Trooper in there looking over that guy's shoulder while talking into a commlink (* actually Luke mechano-hand's probe), he's a spy .

    In the rear hold I have the speeder bike, to which I added the 2 smaller Imperial logos but not the big one. I have a modern Scout Trooper riding the bike, but the figure kinda sucks at riding poses, and he hits his head on the way out (it doesn't stop him from launching, thankfully). I used the AT-AT Driver figure that came with the set, the old mold version, by putting him in the trench in the rear hold, basically a mechanic. The AT-AT Driver in the trench happens to act as a footrest for the front end of the speeder bike which hopefully should counteract the sagging. There's not enough clearance back there for the bike AND other figures, I wanted to have a figure or 2 in the rear hold next to the bike, but it's not really feasible, and even with them jammed up against the walls, the footpegs back there have them being knocked over by the upper control panel things.

    In the cockpit, I have a pair of TLC AT-AT Drivers (I was going to have one looking over his shoulder behind him like in the film, but the pose came off more as looking at the other driver, so instead he's just got a different control pose), and the new TVC AT-AT Commander far in the back. In front of the display and off to the right side is an orange-pauldron Sandtrooper minus backpack as a "stormtrooper commander" in the cockpit - in ESB, a Snowtrooper commander is seen in the cockpit with Veers, so I figured a Sandtrooper pauldron might say the same thing, but I didn't have a clean Sandy so I had to get the cleanest body to the cleanest helmet and then swap the pauldrons.

    Setting up this AT-AT showed minor annoyances I hadn't considered when empty. The freestanding display control panel things in the main hold are really low for the figures. The peg spacing and locations are pretty weird in almost every area. The pegs and control panels in the rear hold cause a figure to ram his head into the panel or even get knocked over by it. There isn't a single usable peg in the rear hold when the bike is there, and there's 1 peg under the overhang which only a short Jawa or Ewok could use.

    Something cool though is that the opening hatches that open down, the rear hatch and side hatches, have pegs on them which really work. I didn't think the side hatches would work that way, the hinge doesn't look tough enough and the panel is pretty long, but it does the job. Even the speeder bike-holding panel that slides has a peg. I really like that trench inside the holds, it's a good piece of business, it adds a 3rd level in the main hold and it runs throughout to the rear hold... but when Luke cuts the hatch open on the bottom, the poor schmo I have in the rear hold trench has to keep himself up with his elbows since that's his floor that's just disappeared!

    I gave the AT-AT a simple walking pose, kinda tried to hide the face since it's still the weakest part of the set - that windshield really harms an otherwise cool look. To finish it all off, I took the TLC Hoth Rebel Trooper and put him on a 2-peg stand at the front foot of the posed to be staring up at the giant walker while holding his weapon downwards, as if to say he thought he was going to take it on, but when he finally got to it, he realized the enormity and was left stunned, as if to say "oh man, what do I do about THIS???". I know it's mixing metaphors since I wasn't doing the Hoth theme in any other way, but it made me chuckle, and I wasn't using that figure in any other capacity.

    After setting up the AT-AT, originally I had planned to change my setups on the Clone Wars Republic Fighter Tank and AT-TE as well, as I've been putting that off, but I killed 3 hours setting up the AT-AT and my legs were sick of sitting on the floor.
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    I'm still working on how to display mine. Its in a simple standing mode for right now. In the cockpit, I put the AT-AT driver that came with it in one seat and a TSC version on the other side. I have the TVC AT-AT Commander in the back and I'm leaving a space for the, hopefully, inevitable Snowtrooper commander.

    I've only put in 3 snowtroopers in the main hold, two on the upper level and one on the lower. I wanted to position one to be looking down in to the rear compartment, but as JT pointed out, the pegs are in kinda odd places. I've been thinking about manning the guns in the mid-section with Imperial Engineers, but I'm not sure if I'm going to do that.

    In th rear, all I've put in is the Hoth Scout trooper. I did manage to get him to stand to the side of the bike, with his back against the wall. I'm really thinking about removing the speeder bike. The front of it droops from just sitting around and just doesn't look very good. I thought about putting in a disassembled E-WEB?? cannon in its place along with some other junk.

    I'll probably change my mind a bunch of times before I get it the way I want it, but thats the fun of it.


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