Well, continue the brainstorming. Remind me in the next round of what you got and I'll check it out then.

Speaking of which, that's it for this round. Thanks to everybody who participated!

Here are the questions we're asking this round:

  • Questions from SirStevesGuide.com:
  • 1) Back in October of '07, we asked you about upgrading the VOTC Lando down the road with ball-hinge elbows and a removable cape that properly drapes over his shoulders (the existing design is neither removable nor does it fit him properly the way it does in the film). Your response was "Great suggestion - we will look at that for a possible future Lando upgrade." In the following 3 years though, no new Lando Cloud City figure was produced so none of these upgrades were used. Lando is a fairly iconic and beloved Star Wars character, the scenes he wears this costume are some his most notable scenes and his only action scenes in ESB, so he needs more flexibility in how he can be displayed. So, what are the chances that we could get a new Lando Cloud City figure with those upgrades in the foreseeable future?
  • 2) The prequels have introduced a number of new alien species to the Star Wars universe, and Hasbro has been good about making figures of most of them. Aside from pod race pilots which have already been discussed with Hasbro, there are several other visually interesting alien species that Hasbro hasn't yet added to the lineup including Roonan, Sarrish, Zeuolin, Holwuff, Tarnab and Sy Myrthian. While these are admittedly background stuff and mostly represented as senators in the films, as action figures they would add another dimension of unique aliens to the line. Can you tell us if any of these species will find their way into the lineup in the foreseeable future?

  • Questions from CollectionStation.com:
  • 1) The recent update to Hoth Leia has taken off, it seems to be moving off TVC pegs, and fans appreciate how good a figure it is with sculpting and articulation working together so well for such a classic Leia outfit. With that in mind, ESB offers 2 more Leia outfits that need similar treatment, the Bespin Gown outfit and the Bespin Escape outfit. The last Bespin Escape Leia, which is one of the character's signature action sequences in the saga, was back in the POTJ line in 2001, and was limited in articulation so to be stuck in an action pose. The last Bespin Gown Leia had very little articulation and even less usable, leaving it a statue. What are the chances that we could get modern-quality updates to these 2 iconic ESB Leia outfits?
  • 2) Despite several denied fan requests for an update of her "classic" look in the basic line, as well as a flat out "not happening" for the somewhat necessary inclusion in the Galactic Heroes line (considering we have the other two in the classic trio) some fans are getting the idea that Hasbro has something against Sy Snootles. Does she rank up there with Ben Quadinaros, Jaxxon, and Jocasta Nu as being too far out there, or are those fans just reading too much into your lack of movement on this? Has Lucasfilm had any role in your decision not to pursue anything representing the classic puppet, or is there hope that we can convince Hasbro to change their stance? Now that the Vintage line is back this would be a perfect opportunity to get this classic alien into the hands of collectors, even if not as a basic figure but an exclusive. Consider that the existing Sy Snootles figure has some of the most useless articulation ever, its pose is incredibly awkward, and its paint is the only one of the band to be so inaccurate. We're not even asking for Max Rebo's instrument to be corrected with the horn on top, just a better Sy Snootles. Shouldn't the frontman of the band get the best figure instead of the worst?

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