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    Please post your VOTE for up to 4 {four} of the questions provided in this thread, letting us know which ones you most want to see asked on September 24th. Keep in mind that your votes in round 86 do not count in this round, so if your question is still on the list you may want to vote for it again.

    Also, feel free to post new questions. For reference, here are Hasbro's answers to previous SSG questions; and from other sites. The questions we asked last round can be found here.

    Current questions (vote for up to 4):

    1. - On the latest TIE Interceptor's packaging, the box art on the front has a highly-detailed ship which is not actually representing the toy, the back of the box imagery does that. However, while the new cockpit pod is a great improvement, that art highlights the wings being the same existing designs we've had for the last 3 decades, and their size and lack of detail really shows compared to the new pod. Granted, you've just released a TIE Interceptor so it's not like we're going to see new wings next week. But hypothetically, how far in the future might fans have to wait to get a set of updated TIE Interceptor wings to match the quality of the new pod?
    2. - With the 2008 Medical Frigate Luke figure, the figure almost fits the bill for Echo Base recovery scene Luke, if not for the open mechanical arm, and the different likeness with scars and Hoth hairstyle. That scene also has another character whose figure is in dire need of updating: 2-1B, who hasn't seen a new figure design in over a decade. With a Recovery Luke figure, it'd just be a new head required (the body and undamaged forearm tooling already exists from the VOTC figure) so you could also include the mask he wore in that scene's less-infamous cut footage (we're not asking you to make kissing Luke & Leia, you'll have to decide if you're twisted enough to go there ;-) ). So, any chances of knocking the Echo Base Recovery scene out of the park by making new 2-1B and Luke recovery figures?
    3. - The initial Force Unleashed figures were released well before the actual game, and many of the cooler figures sold quickly and were hard to find by the time the game was released. Of the major characters, the Jumptrooper, Evo Trooper, Vader, and Galen Marek have seen a few re-releases, while Juno Eclipse (sadly) still languishes on store shelves in many areas. One figure that was never re-released though is Rahm Kota, who was one of the first figures to vanish upon the initial release, and has since appeared in other Star Wars media, including a different video game. Given that he is likely to appear in a major role in The Force Unleashed II later this year and the 2 exclusive TFU 5-packs were released in May, are there any chances Kota might be re-released as a Greatest Hits figure, or perhaps even updated with a new, more actor-accurate and 'blinded' head sculpt, as well as a deactivated saber hilt for his shoulder scabbard?
    4. - The prequels have introduced a number of new alien species to the Star Wars universe, and Hasbro has been good about making figures of most of them. Aside from pod race pilots which have already been discussed with Hasbro, there are several other visually interesting alien species that Hasbro hasn't yet added to the lineup including Roonan, Sarrish, Zeuolin, Holwuff, Tarnab and Sy Myrthian. While these are admittedly background stuff and mostly represented as senators in the films, as action figures they would add another dimension of unique aliens to the line. Can you tell us if any of these species will find their way into the lineup in the foreseeable future?
    5. - Over the years, pretty much all of the core prequel heros and villains have gotten their own vehicles of some type to zoom around in and do battle, even some of the secondary Jedi characters. But a big exception is Asajj Ventress, who in the micro-series used the nifty and distinctive Ginivex-class Fanblade Starfighter, it's also been in some comics and books so that should break it out of Lucasfilm's "no micro-series items" edict. Starfighter-pricepoint vehicles are a big portion of Hasbro's Star Wars gameplan, and while the flow of new vehicles in it has been outstanding lately, there is definitely a mismatch of good-guy Republic starfighters to bad-guy CIS starfighters, with the CIS certainly not ruling the skies for kids and collectors. The vehicle is a unique design, built on a gimmick concept that also makes it fairly simple, mostly just a simple ball cockpit, very small engines, and the gimmick wing, so it might not be too difficult to deliver in the pricepoint. Bottom line, it's a new Starfighter vehicle, it has name character recognizability, it's a good co-sell to the large good guy library of vehicles, and it already is basically in the existing scale. Obviously, current entertainment would help a lot, and a recent trailer of Clone Wars season 3 appears to show the Fanblade starfighter for a moment, but we don't know for sure what the future holds in that regard. So, what are the chances of seeing Asajj Ventress' Fanblade Starfighter get added to the line?
    6. - Force FX has entered a new phase with the removable blade series, and so far we've seen the first couple waves. Thanks to Clone Wars, female characters are back on the rise in Star Wars and bringing in more female collectors - Ahsoka especially has been selling very well. What does the future of Force FX look like? What are the chances of Ahsoka's lightsaber being added to the Force FX line, better opening that market up to female consumers and getting Clone Wars main character recognizability?
    7. - Despite several denied fan requests for an update of her "classic" look in the basic line, as well as a flat out "not happening" for the somewhat necessary inclusion in the Galactic Heroes line (considering we have the other two in the classic trio) some fans are getting the idea that Hasbro has something against Sy Snootles. Does she rank up there with Ben Quadinaros, Jaxxon, and Jocasta Nu as being too far out there, or are those fans just reading too much into your lack of movement on this? Has Lucasfilm had any role in your decision not to pursue anything representing the classic puppet, or is there hope that we can convince Hasbro to change their stance? Now that the Vintage line is back this would be a perfect opportunity to get this classic alien into the hands of collectors, even if not as a basic figure but an exclusive. Consider that the existing Sy Snootles figure has some of the most useless articulation ever, its pose is incredibly awkward, and its paint is the only one of the band to be this inaccurate. We're not even asking for Max Rebo's organ to be corrected with the horn on top, just a better Sy Snootles. Shouldn't the frontman of the band get the best figure instead of the worst?
    8. - Back in June's Q&A, we asked about whether this year's Saga Legends Battle Droids 2-pack that uses the superior, most recent tooling would have corrected paint (giant eyes and the wrong location of the big yellow chest circle on the commander) and the neck peg assembled correctly. On the paint, you said it'd be corrected, and on the neck you said it'd get looked into. Now that the set is out, the battle droids still have paint issues - now both figures have huge eyes, and the commander's yellow circle is still too low - and the neck is still backwards. With these new-mold Battle Droids making a very welcome return to stores, fans are wondering, will these issues will get addressed in this run? If not, will there be a later run they can look forward to with the corrected eyes, chest dot, and neck assembly?
    9. - In the upcoming Battle Over Endor multipacks, you've included a figure of Lt. Yong, the Y-wing pilot from ROTJ that flies (and dies) under the handle Gray 3, but the torso used on the figure is the existing B-wing pilot design rather than a Y-wing pilot torso. On the ROTJ Y-wing pilot costume, the collar is different and the chest box and apron are more like the POTF2 Lt. Yong figure (at the time he was misidentified as Arvel Crynyd, but it was Yong's helmet, face, and Y-wing pilot torso and apron just in the wrong color - red instead of gray). Is this new Lt. Yong using the B-wing pilot torso a mistake, or just a cost-saving measure? In either case, if there are future ROTJ Y-wing pilot figures down the line, will we get a new movie-accurate torso for them with the unique costume chest box and apron, and closed collar?
    10. - Back in October of '07, we asked you about upgrading the VOTC Lando down the road with ball-hinge elbows and a removable cape that properly drapes over his shoulders (the existing design is neither removable nor does it fit him properly the way it does in the film). Your response was "Great suggestion - we will look at that for a possible future Lando upgrade." In the following 3 years though, no new Lando Cloud City figure was produced so none of these upgrades were used. Lando is a fairly iconic and beloved Star Wars character, the scenes he wears this costume are some his most notable scenes and his only action scenes in ESB, so he needs more flexibility in how he can be displayed. So, what are the chances that we could get a new Lando Cloud City figure with those upgrades in the foreseeable future?
    11. - You have this nice new Qui-Gon Jinn figure that came out in the Jedi Evolution set, and has been re-released in the nifty Eopie mail-away set, yet both times the figure has been marred by including the blobby 1999 lightsaber accessory. Luke Jedi keeps coming out with either repaints of the ROTS Obi-Wan's lightsabers (which has different details), or worse, the blobby Obi-Wan POTJ saber from 2000. Both the '99 Qui-Gon and '00 Obi-Wan as Luke Jedi sabers also have the old smooth blade design without the flare on top of their soft hilt sculpting, and both Qui-Gon and Luke Jedi actually had better saber accessories designed during the Saga line, yet we never get them. And what about one of the most iconic lightsabers in recent SW memory, Darth Maul? There is no modern-quality version at all, the closest is the '02 Saga metal hilt with removable blades, but the blades break easily, so we haven't seen it in a while, and it's a bit long. We don't have a deactivated one to hang on a belt, don't have a 1-blade-activated version, don't have a "cut in half" version, Maul is pretty lacking for his weapon. Why are we getting old junky saber accessories with the modern versions of these guys? Why aren't we seeing better, more accurate lightsaber accessories for some of these fairly major, recognizable Jedi characters? And will these issues be addressed soon?
    12. - The recent update to Hoth Leia has taken off, it seems to be moving off TVC pegs, and fans appreciate how good a figure it is with sculpting and articulation working together so well for such a classic Leia outfit. With that in mind, ESB offers 2 more Leia outfits that need similar treatment, the Bespin Gown outfit and the Bespin Escape outfit. The last Bespin Escape Leia, which is one of the character's signature action sequences in the saga, was back in the POTJ line in 2001, and was limited in articulation so to be stuck in an action pose. The last Bespin Gown Leia had very little articulation and even less usable, leaving it a statue. What are the chances that we could get modern-quality updates to these 2 iconic ESB Leia outfits?
    13. - Although we've gotten in recent years a better Luke from ANH, and even a second Han Solo Death Star Escape, we've still not really gotten an acceptable Luke Death Star Escape figure. The last one was the 25th Anniversary set which was essentially a statue. Luke and Leia's "swing to freedom" (as Hasbro describes it) is one of the earliest, most iconic Star Wars images, and yet not only do we not have a truly acceptable Leia figure for this, but we don't have a modern-quality Luke for it, and he's the hero of the scene! Luke would need a stormtrooper utility belt and grappling hook & line (and if these just happened to be swappable with a regular Luke ANH belt to complete the Death Star scenes in this costume, so much the better), and articulation to deliver the action, and a quality likeness would mean a lot too. Are there any chances that we get a Death Star Escape Luke like this? And while we're at it, how about a Leia as well?
    14. - In several instances now, when asked about the new Slave I getting an ESB release, the response is that it largely depends on how the current Clone Wars version does at retail. If the decision to release it this way is based off sales, why release this as a $100 set with a few re-released figures, and a vehicle repaint that wasn't really hotly requested? If this CW set does sell, does that suggest an ESB release would get a similar Ultimate Battle Pack treatment with the release of some new figures like Bespin Guards and an existing vehicle like the Cloud Car? If that's not likely in store for an ESB Slave I, why predicate that release on this one when it has a different pricepoint, market, and really a different business model altogether? Why release the CW one in this ultimate battle pack format, was this vehicle originally planned for the now-defunct $60 Deluxe Vehicle line and repurposed, was this always the plan for it, or if not, how did this come about this way?

    Vote now, and suggest new questions too. Thanks for participating!

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    Hey JT, I'd like to add a new question for this round about the Saga Legends Battle Droids still have incorrect paint apps. Below is my attempt but feel free to edit it as you see fit.

    Last year Hasbro turned out a new Battle Droid sculpt for the realistic line in the Target exclusive Geonosis 2-packs. While the sculpting was head and shoulders above previous Battle Droids, the paint apps left much to be desired; the commander droid had enormous eyes and the yellow marker on his chest was placed too high and a tad too small while the basic droid was missing eyes altogether. With these droids making a very welcome return to stores in the Saga Legends line, fans are wondering why some of these issues have not bee resolved. Yes, the infantry droid has eyes but they're the ridiculously oversized ones the commander is still sporting. Were these left for some reason or was it an oversight?

    I would like to vote for this question whatever it's final number is as well as questions 2, 4, and 5.
    Have: CW Yularen, CW Clone, everything from CW Slave I set except Slave I, TFU Shadow Stormtrooper x2, Evo Trooper, Saga AT-AT Driver, K-Mart Jodo Kast || Want: Vintage Fordo
    Thanks to TheDarthVader, Phantom-like Menace, TheRealDubya, Jediguy, Dark Marble, Umbra, Qui-Long Gone, CrunchyNug, GH_fan and jedikiss.

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    How about, unless it's never been asked:

    "Although we know you've ruled out future 'running changes,' is there any possibility the (film version) Battle Droid mold used in the 2009 Target 2-packs and in the 2010 Saga Legends assortment might be re-released with the beige Episode I color scheme?"

    I suppose one could repaint the droid oneself, but the eyes would be a pain in the butt.
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    Questions 8 - 10 added.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkJedi5 View Post
    Hey JT, I'd like to add a new question for this round about the Saga Legends Battle Droids still have incorrect paint apps. Below is my attempt but feel free to edit it as you see fit.

    Last year Hasbro turned out a new Battle Droid sculpt for the realistic line in the Target exclusive Geonosis 2-packs. While the sculpting was head and shoulders above previous Battle Droids, the paint apps left much to be desired; the commander droid had enormous eyes and the yellow marker on his chest was placed too high and a tad too small while the basic droid was missing eyes altogether. With these droids making a very welcome return to stores in the Saga Legends line, fans are wondering why some of these issues have not bee resolved. Yes, the infantry droid has eyes but they're the ridiculously oversized ones the commander is still sporting. Were these left for some reason or was it an oversight?

    I would like to vote for this question whatever it's final number is as well as questions 2, 4, and 5.
    Ok, I'll add this. I'm rewriting it to hit the points a little better. Also, the dot is placed too low, not too high, and it's hard to tell if it's the dot that's scaled wrong since right now it's not positioned properly. I will count your vote for it, #8. Thanks for voting!

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    How about, unless it's never been asked:

    "Although we know you've ruled out future 'running changes,' is there any possibility the (film version) Battle Droid mold used in the 2009 Target 2-packs and in the 2010 Saga Legends assortment might be re-released with the beige Episode I color scheme?"

    I suppose one could repaint the droid oneself, but the eyes would be a pain in the butt.
    Just 2 rounds ago we asked that, it's the same answer that DarkJedi5 is talking about: Recent Hasbro images show the upcoming Saga Legends Battle Droid 2-pack both using the mold based on the new Battle Droid figures from the Target Geonosis Arena Showdown sets. Is that what we will actually be used to make this Saga Legends 2-pack? If so, will we see any of the issues we raised in a previous Q&A addressed, like a left arm that can hold the blaster similar to the Clone Wars Firefighter Droid, or properly-sized eyes for every droid, or the neck piece facing the right way? Also, will we be seeing any running deco changes on this set, switching from Geonosis red to Naboo tan? Will there always be a commander droid and a regular grunt? Army-building Battle Droids only in red and at a 1:1 ratio with their commanders would be quite limiting, and many previous Saga Legends army builders have enjoyed running changes like this without any problems expressed.
    Hasbro: There will be no more planned running changes to anything, unfortunately, as this has been impossible to control, a headache, and it is considered a way to subvert the item count process. So the law has come down, no more running changes. As such, the pack will be as shown - two maroon droids, one commander and one regular battle droid. No changes to the molds will be made from the Geonosis version, although the eye deco will be corrected and we are looking into the neck issue...that one slipped by everyone. If we can squeeze out another item to do a tan version, we will look at it but for now there are no plans.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gothiczartan View Post
    it is the chest box just like the figure pilot 3 pack of the pilot (one in red). that is why they should make y wing pilots near movie accurate just add a new torso that look similar like the movie pilot 3 pack figure from POTF2.

    check out a custom figure of a Y wing pilot, his chest box looks movie accurate just like in the pic of the pilots i've post.

    all they need is a new sculpt torso like the first y wing pilot for 3 pack endor that should of need and have instead of a b wing pilot torso.

    also check out one of the kubrick figure

    here is another website showing other y wing pilot gears and take a look at their chest box/vest, they don't look like the y wing pilot figure for endor pilot pack.

    at least you can ask hasbro one question why did a y wing pilot didn't have a new sculpt torso and just have a b wing body and ask them if this y wing pilot will get his new torso that is movie accurate like other y wing pilots in those pics/inks and will all other y wing pilots to have retooled b wing pilot figures with just a new torso.

    could you at least add a question for possible y wing pilots with retooled b wing pilot figures with new torsos?
    That's a lot of extra material, and not very helpful since it's all blurry. I'll add a question, but leave out the links.

    i have a question about a luke skywalker as pilot from return of the jedi and in the movie shows his putting on his black glove to hide the gun shot wound on his hand.

    could you add the question for luke x wing pilot from ROTJ, a vintage style luke x wing pilot with new head sculpt (same as the upcoming luke jedi knight figure), new hands, removable black glove to fit on a right hand.
    This is in 1 short scene in the film and is very specific. Because of that, I am going to hold off for now. Maybe start a discussion in the forums about it, see if other people are interested, get support first, then suggest it.

    since they remade the vintage style luke skywalker bespin from ESB after the first luke bespin figure was made and not much a movie accurate.

    have you add a question about a resculpt/retooled Lando Calrissian from ESB?

    a new head sculpt that the fans want

    ball jointed elbows

    removable soft good cape


    could you add this question once more?
    We asked this a while back, they said they'd look into it. Unlike that X-wing Luke ROTJ where it's just 1 small scene, this is Lando's biggest moment in the Saga and the figure can't fully capture that, so I will add a new question reminding them of what they said. I don't know what blaster you mean though, the Rebel DH-17 blaster?

    i have another question about the new Aalya Secura, we know she is going to be an all new sculpt figure, will she have a place she can store her lightsaber hilt just like the ROTS Aayla Secura figure?
    I am not going to add that right now, it's too specific.

    Quote Originally Posted by mtriv73 View Post
    I think the reply to yodanews, which I had in mind when I asked the question, shows that it may be time to follow up on this one. The Clone interceptor tank, which I mistakenly called the republic tank, has been out for a while and has done well enough to earn itself a repaint. Is the success of that vehicle enough to warrant expansion of EU vehicles and if so would something with a proven track record like the TIE defender make the top of the list.
    It's a bit of an "apples and oranges" thing, the Republic Fighter Tank (the "Clone Interceptor Tank" is the new blue repaint) is a starfighter-sized vehicle that holds multiple Clone Trooper figures and fills a $25-pricepoint tank need that was sorely missing. The TIE Defender is far too big to work as a starfighter-pricepoint ($25) vehicle, and holds only 1 figure, and isn't themed to the current entertainment the way the Tank is. If you can think of something that addresses that, LMK.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    #7 for now.

    I also want to show my support for Gothiczartan's screen-accurate Y-Wing Pilot campaign. I've wanted an ROTJ Y-Wing Pilot since 1983, but just getting a grey B-Wing Pilot is not good enough to fill that gap for me.
    Ok, I'll count your vote for that question (#9). And thanks for saying that, it helped sway me as it is somewhat specific.
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    Could you ask a question to see if they might in the future do a Battle Droid or Battle Droid 2-pack using the Target mold in the TPM tan?


    --Mr. Short-Term Memory
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    [FONT=Courier New]My votes:[/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New][/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New]- #5: Fan blade fighter.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New]- #6: Force FX saber for Ahsoka.[/FONT]
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    I vote for #3 and #10. I have a question:

    I am happy that is picking up the comic packs, Blue/Nihl, Jarael/Rohlan, Fel/Isard, and Mereel/Montross from Legacy Collection. Hasbro has stated early 2009 that other comic packs were plan, especially for the comic 'Legacy' which ended with #50 in August and have a new miniseries of 6 more comics named 'Legacy-War' starting in December 2010. Just wanted to know the other two comic packs that Hasbro answered in a Q&A that they plan to do from 'Legacy', will they have that chance now that they have a willing partner to deliver these comic packs? If there are, who would it be?

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    Questions 11-13 added.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Marco View Post
    I have a question:

    I am happy that is picking up the comic packs, Blue/Nihl, Jarael/Rohlan, Fel/Isard, and Mereel/Montross from Legacy Collection. Hasbro has stated early 2009 that other comic packs were plan, especially for the comic 'Legacy' which ended with #50 in August and have a new miniseries of 6 more comics named 'Legacy-War' starting in December 2010. Just wanted to know the other two comic packs that Hasbro answered in a Q&A that they plan to do from 'Legacy', will they have that chance now that they have a willing partner to deliver these comic packs? If there are, who would it be?
    From April 8th, 2010: Expanded Universe fans must be having some mixed feelings right now. We've seen about 3 years worth of solid EU releases. But the cancellation of the Expanded Universe comic 2-packs has been a disappointment for a lot of people. Still, there are comic 2-packs that were revealed to fans through some cardback art, hard samples at the Comic Con booth and more at the Star Wars presentation. And there were also some recent listings for previously unmentioned comic 2-packs posted by a UK e-tailer that included Ysanne Isard, Baron Fel, Montross & Jaster Mareel.
    However, the overall message from Toy Fair also seems clear: that we can expect a strong focus on the movies and specifically EMPIRE, with EU taking a hiatus. But in the past there have been statements from Hasbro to the effect that if a toy or figure gets shown to collectors that there is a strong motivation to eventually release those items. Given the fact that collectors have seen the following comic 2-packs in either prototype form or Hasbro imagery:
    Knights Of The Old Republic #6 - Jarael & Rohlan Dyre
    Legacy # 7 - Deliah Blue & Darth Nihl
    Heir to the Empire #TBD - Noghri Warrior & Ralrracheen likely are we to see these offered as exclusives, or potentially split out into the Basic Figure line?
    Hasbro: You are right; once we have progressed far down the design path, in some cases even having completed tooling for some of the figures in question, the intention is to try and eventually find a home for those figures. We are hopeful that over the next few years all of them will be produced in one form or another so fans can enjoy them too.
    Seeing as that answer, plus the fact that the EE sets haven't even shipped yet, I think it's too early to ask another question about these other sets.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gothiczartan View Post
    i also got another question, if you like to add.

    if they are going to make a new sculpt luke skywalker in hoth.

    will he get to have ball jointed hips just like luke bespin from TVC has?

    i thought luke hoth needed ball jointed hips for sitting and riding on a tauntaun.

    will we get to see han solo hoth from vintage line (figure with different head with a hood up and removable goggles) retooled for ball jointed hips, soft good lower part of jacket so he can sit on a tauntaun?

    is there a possible for a all new sculpt and better articulation of a tauntaun form the ESB?
    We've asked about Luke Hoth in the past 6 months, back in April... It's been 6 years since the last Luke Hoth Gear figure. While that was a nifty item for its time, its sculpt and articulation is specific to 1 part of the movie. Any chance of us getting an updated Luke Hoth, perhaps with a swappable likeness to represent before and after the Wampa attack? We know you usually would prefer to do this via a running change, but after the myriad of running-change-figure problems you had recently, that seems like a troubled route to take, especially with an important character such as this.
    Hasbro: Because of the snafus we have had, there will be no more running changes. Period. Sad, but the hammer has come down on these. Now as for Luke, there is no updated version in the works just yet, but is a sure bet to be updated in the next few years.

    And another site did too: When can we expect to see a new figure of Luke Skywalker in his Hoth outfit? Being that it's a big year for The Empire Strikes Back, it seems like he would be a good one to have in the line. If he is in the works, can you share any details on the figure?
    Hasbro: He will not be the in the lineup this year. This year we have the new Bespin Fatigues Luke. We do have plans for a Hoth Luke at some point, but work hasn't started yet and it's not certain if we can fit him into the 2011 Vintage lineup or not. He is high on our priority list though, and he'll be out within a couple years.
    As for Han Hoth, we JUST got a Han Hoth on basic card this year in the Saga Legends line with the hood up based on a figure from 2 years ago, so it's REALLY unlikely they're going to do another one right away.

    As for the Tauntaun, just in the last round we got this answer: Looking back through the Archives, there has been a very welcome trend of all-new creatures making their way into the line over the past 2+ years. We've seen a couple of Rancors, the Sarlacc pit/beak, the Clone Wars Jabba the Hutt, the new Dewback, and the Felucia ground slug. On top of that a lot of collectors are eagerly anticipating the release of the new ROTJ Jabba the Hutt. Some official imagery of said Jabba would be awesome, btw!
    But will this trend of new creatures extend into 2010/11? Empire fans are still hoping for an all-new Tauntaun. ANH fans think a Dianoga would be most welcome, and certainly not trash. The Clone Wars has brought us creatures like Gor, Gundarks and the Zillo beast. And the rumor mill has been stirred up some for prequel fans who think that a Mustafar Lava Flea would be a good thing. So just how bright is the future for new Star Wars creatures?
    Hasbro: We won't have images of Jabba until either Comic Con or CV at this point…sorry! As for additional new creatures, there actually aren't any in the works after Jabba. We are hopeful that a Tauntaun will get picked up for 2011, but right now there are no guarantees. As for the Lava Flea, forget it....the rumors are bad on that one. It will never happen.
    Quote Originally Posted by RENDAR LIVES View Post
    I really want a Hoth Luke as well, with swappable heads. We asked this not too long ago and they kind of avoided the question with a no running change response but it still didn't answer the question of wether we were getting an updated figure.
    They did address it, look at the answer they gave us above or the one they gave Droids&Ewoks. And the strange part is, those are the only questions to use "luke hoth" or "hoth luke" terms, I can't think of another search term that could work here to find other answers.

    It's been bugging me ever since they came out with the legacy of the jedi evolution set. Why does Qui-Gon keep getting packaged with the old lightsaber from '98? The saga blue version came with the removable blade and the wider base on the blade wich is like every other modern saber except for Darth Maul's. So why is Qui-Gon not being released with the better sculpted saga blue version of his saber? And when will Darth Maul get a more modern take on his lightsaber to be uniform with the rest of the current line? Maul should at least have one blade removable to re-create all his scenes but other than that I honestly dislike the detachable blades cause they broke easily.
    Ah, you have hit upon something that bugs me about a select few lightsabers. I'll write up a question right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Droid View Post
    Possible new question - Hasbro has stated in the past that it uses conventions such as Comic Con and Toy Fair as the primary platform for rolling out new product. Hasbro has also stated that it is disappointing when as a result of leaks Hasbro does not get to be the one to tell its own story. This year, at Comic Con, many fans thought Hasbro held back for Celebration V, but then at Celebration V some collectors felt like much of what was revealed in the presentation was items that had been known about for some time. By now, Hasbro likely knows the window it has to be the first to reveal an item before it is leaked in one manner or another. Hasbro has been delighting fans through occasionally revealing figures that will come out in questions and answer sessions. Hasbro used to reveal a sneak into the coming year's line at Comic Con, but did not this year. So the question is this, why doesn't Hasbro make a point in its presentation of telling fans at each convention something that no one has revealed yet? For example, at the close of each presentation saying, "And here's two exciting figures in the basic line that you guys don't know about yet that will be coming out next year?" It might mean a couple of things are held back from a few Q&A answers, but it would make for an exciting end to each presentation. But by the time Toy Fair rolls around there will likely be confirmations of 2011 items that could have been revealed at Comic Con, so Hasbro lost the chance to use the presentation to be in charge of telling its story.
    This summer got wonky for those "sneak peeks" because SDCC and CV were only 3 weeks apart. There was newness at both though, but each felt like it had less than it should due to being scheduled too close together. They have always in the past had those very sneak peeks before. I don't really know what the drive of your question is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cane_Adiss View Post
    New question regarding Hasbro's "'A' List"

    So Hasbro has told collectors via Q&A's and interviews that when planning a wave they always refer to what you call the 'A' List to anchor each wave with top selling core characters. You have told us that there are twelve, and who a few of them are (no-brainers like Obi-Wan, Clones, Anakin/Vader and Grievous), and that there are no female characters on the list thus far. Might you give us the whole list so we collectors can definitively know who to expect in the line every year? This is my own prediction based on common sense and who we see pretty much regularly each year:

    1. Clones/ Imperial Troops
    2. Darth Vader
    3. Anakin Skywalker
    4. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    5. General Grievous
    6. Yoda
    7. Luke Skywalker (minus Farmboy Luke according to DePriest)
    8. Han Solo
    9. R2-D2
    10. Boba Fett
    11. Jango Fett
    12. Chewbacca

    Is this list dead-on or is Hasbro's list different? Has the list changed much over the years? If Ahsoka ever makes an appearance in the main/realistic line could she become the first female on the list?
    I looked through all 195 Q&As mentioning "12" and couldn't find any such claim, nor the 16 using "dozen", nor the 7 using "twelve". [EDIT: Ok, I see by JabbaJohn's post that it's from a podcast.] The only mention of anchoring with an 'A' list was this answer they gave us back On October 6th of 2006: What is the selection process for characters to be made into figures, and what is the best way for fans to increase the chances of the release for a certain figure?
    Hasbro: The Star Wars 3-3/4" selection process is probably not unlike the NCAA basketball committee selection process. We start out by framing the line by film (our strategy for '06, '07, and '08) and who we could do or redo from a scene along with any new characters. We then slot in the strongest characters to anchor a wave making sure we have strong ('A' level) characters in every wave (not unlike spreading out the division champions across brackets). Once we have the main figures laid out, we start to look at the collector-type specialty figures, and this is where we get a lot of fun lobbying for favorites (again, not unlike lobbying for the smaller school to get in). It's done as a team approach, with collaboration from the team at Lucasfilm too. We take fan input into consideration... things we've seen or heard, emerging trends we're seeing, etc. The ToyFare Top 25 Poll was a great way (and the best, since it was quantitative) for fans to make their voices heard.
    I think Derryl might have been playing a little loose with it when he said there was 12, you can see just by applying what they said above to the TAC line where they took it super seriously that they have more than 12 A-listers. We all know who the big name characters are, it's not hard to guess, do you really want to find out exactly which ones they feel casual consumers will most gravitate to? Because that's what the bottom line is here IMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    In the Forcecast interview, DePriest mentioned Qui-Gon. I find this difficult to believe since Qui-Gon's never been in Legends and only rarely in the basic line; his last three releases were in the Evolutions pack, the Eopie mail-away, and the Showdown on Tatooine battle pack, all of which were the same figure anyway. As far as Episode I figures go, you'd think that Darth Maul would be on the list, since he's repackaged into Legends all the time.

    I also heard that Boba and Jango occupy the same slot since they sell as well as each other. So combine them, add Qui-Gon, and I'm pretty sure you're dead-on.
    Ok, this is why I can't stand podcasts, nothing is written down, nothing is searchable, the info is only in the hands of the few who sit down and listen to them and pay close attention. For Q&A, it may as well not exist because so few people have heard it directly, only through a friend or on a forum where it may not have been complete or even correct. That said John, I trust you pretty well with this Q&A stuff, you've paid a lot of attention over the years and have shown the wherewithal to work with the knowledge and method Hasbro best responds to, if you think you can make a question out of Cane's that fully addresses what Hasbro said so as to give proper foundation, I will add it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cane_Adiss View Post
    yeah I heard that and was a little suprised by it. I think he must've made a mistake or something considering, like you said, he hasn't been in the main line/on a basic card since the AOTC Saga line. That is one reason why I want clarification and a definitive list.

    A few more that may or may not be on the list:

    Darth Maul
    Count Dooku
    Mace Windu
    Separatist Droids
    Yeah, don't take the answer too much to heart, Derryl makes those kinds of mistakes. And keep in mind, there isn't a definitive list really, as Derryl said in our interview, this is a fashion-based line, tastes change, C-3PO might be popular in 2006 and unpopular in 2010, kids might get sick of Battle Droids 11 years after they made a major impact in the films. It's got to be somewhat fluid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gothiczartan View Post
    I have another question about a possible luke skywalker death star escape with stormtrooper belt, blaster and a grappling hook/rope
    I can't just add a question for every whim you have, they are very specific and we just don't have enough room to ask after every single Luke variation, every background guy getting upgraded articulation, etc., one at a time. There needs to be a larger question to it, and it has to make sense together, a bundle of figures together have to show a theme of an issue.

    That said, I can think of another avenue to take that will bolster its chances, so I will add this because it's fairly iconic for the original Star Wars and that can help get the point across, and a Leia to go with it wouldn't hurt either.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    JT I have a question: (feel free to edit)

    Hasbro, first congratulations on the awesome Hoth Leia figure from the ESB wave...She is absolutely an amazing figure and perhaps the best version to date of this classic outfit..With that being said what are the chances of seeing 2 more versions of Leia from the ESB... I'm talking about Bespin Gown Leia and Bespin Escape Leia. We haven't seen an updated version of the Bespin Escape Leia since the POTJ days and the last Bespin Gown Leia lacked articulation making her a statue. Is there any way we can be given Vintage updates of these 2 iconic outfits of Leia.
    It's pretty specific, and but I'll add it since it's ESB's 30th and reflects upon a few touchstone issues (good new figure, iconic costumes, action sequence).

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    here's another question JT again feel free to edit:

    The Vintage Collection is by far one of the biggest fan favorite lines to date. It captures the true spirit of Star Wars as well as brings fans back to the days of the old Kenner Era. That being said what are the chances of getting some of the figures of today with minor Kenner details of yester year.. example Jedi Luke Skywalker with Blue Lightsaber, Bespin Luke Skywalker with Yellow Lightsaber, Death Squad Commander with grey outfit, Classic version of Yak Face.. also what are the chances of seeing the Vintage line include reprints of the classic POTF coins from back in the Kenner days...
    First off, it's too early to say TVC is a big fan favorite, participation seems way down lately, sales are weak in my area, wave 2 isn't being well-received, so I can't really say it's hot stuff just yet. But as to the rest, they've answered this. Coins are out, hence no POTF1 repro cards. Retro paint schemes they'll look at, but want to keep for special stuff like the CV exclusive Zuckuss-4LOM type thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by vadersvette View Post
    My votes are for 6 and 10.
    I have a question. The new Force FX sabers with removeable blades are something I have been hoping for for a long time. Is there any chance that some of the older sabers will be remade this way? I really want Luke's from ANH or ESB.
    I'm not adding this, mainly because they've confirmed Luke ROTJ and Darth Maul already, but are trying not to give away their plans too far in advance. That said, they absolutely are going forward with older sabers in the new style, there simply aren't enough hilts that haven't been done to do otherwise, and they feel fans will want to make this leap to the next step. At some point, unless the line folds, you will get that Luke ANH or ESB saber (or both, the original Master Replicas line eventually did 'em both).

    Quote Originally Posted by Gothiczartan View Post

    the belt looks uncorrect in the picture. i hope they get him right hit the stores.
    That picture is a photography sample at Hasbro, not a production sample. The ones hitting shelves now have the belt correct.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gothiczartan View Post
    i would like to see a retooled TLC gungan figure (a new lower torso/hips) as a generic gungan warrior with generator shield and a weapon that throws a round thing what ever you called.
    Again, this is very specific, we JUST got that Gungan with the Atlatl and horn. I don't think I can add this right now.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    My votes: 4, 5, 7, 10

    Most wanted "bottom-of-the-barrel scrapes": ANH: Kal'Falnl C'ndros, Revwien (concept art), Tzizvvt ESB: Wiorkettle, Treva Horme ROTJ: Cane Adiss, Loje Nella TPM: Edcel Bar Gane AOTC: Rogwa Wodrata ROTS: Mon Calamari Dancer, Veedaaz Awmetth, Eeusu Estornii EU: Guri (red outfit), Ket Maliss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Droid View Post
    My point is that they claim they want to "tell their story" and that they want to make the reveals and they insist that Toy Fair and Comicon are the main place to do that, but nearly every year there are these leaks that by now they should know they have to stay in front of. The Boba Fett set with Slave I should have been a big deal and instead it was "oh yeah, and we're releasing this ... as you know by now." Sometimes they'll refuse to comment on a product we already own! They know when we're going to start seeing lists come out from retailers. So why not seize the bull by the horns and say, "Here's something coming out in six months you guys have no idea about!" Not the whole line, just a couple of figures to keep the presentations really exciting. They're willing to drop stuff like that in a Q&A, why not in these presentations? They used to do that now and then. I don't know if there has ever been a year where they hadn't confirmed the first wave of basic figures for the next year by now. It half makes me wonder if they are waiting to see how vintage does because they could shut it down or scale back if these first waves don't do as hoped.

    Bottom line. In two much hyped presentations there was not ONE basic figure announced that had not already been leaked. Celebration V in particular was a big opportunity to reveal the first wave (or two) of 2011 and they didn't do it since we'll likely either own the figures, have lists leaked or see pictures in ebay by the time Toy Fair rolls around.

    You might not feel as though the question needs asked, but that was my point.
    When I talked to Derryl about Slave I at Comic-Con, before it was "officially" announced, he hadn't known about the leaks on that one, that was 3 weeks before CV. As for stuff I hadn't seen, there was some newness in these:

    Celebration V... (we saw some of these in small photos a few days ahead of time) (deco)

    Could they have had more basic figures? Yes. Does that mean they didn't bring anything? No. There's a sneak peek right at the end at basic figures, there's a new vehicle in there. I just don't seem to be getting what you're going for. And there are tons of rumor lists out there that turn out to be meaningless, adding noise and confusion without any substance.

    They have 18 months of TVC planned and in various stages of production, I really don't think they're in wait-n-see mode.

    The idea that there wasn't 1 basic figure we didn't know about and hadn't seen is hogwash from what I can tell.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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