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    Star Wars Year By Year

    This is an awesome book I picked up yesterday at Books A Million. It's a little pricier than most of DK's Star Wars books...but worth it. Comes in a deluxe slipcase; inside the book are two collectible prints(don't know if they're all the same). This massive concordance features everything(and I mean everything) from the earliest inspirations thru current events in 2010: film & TV production, conventions, comics, merchandising(toys, etc.) & such. I spent hours pouring over all the little tidbits they threw in. Just a fantastic book to pour thru...highly rec. a look-see.
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    I doubt the prints are the same (mine had Obi-Wan from CW cartoon, and Harrison Ford from ESB in the space slug cave). I talked this one up, too (don't recall which thread, though). I have liked what I'm seen in it so far.

    [edit] Found my comments in the "Making of ESB" thread, BTW.
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    Obi w/Satine? Yeah, those are my prints as well. Gorgeous book, though.
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    have yet to see this book...might have to start checking out different book shops to see if I can spot one.

    I really want the Making of ESB book though....
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    They had Year By Year in a metal stand/display by itself in main was not in Entertainment section.
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    The prints are all the same. I checked a couple of books just to be sure.
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    I really am surprised to hear that. I'd have figured that there would be 4-6 different pairs of prints available. Oh well. It's still cool.

    October 12th is the release day for MotESB.
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    I bought Star Wars Year By Year as well.

    I love this book and am reading it very slowly to take in everything.

    It's probably one of the only Non-Fiction Star Wars books I own. It is a beautiful piece of work though.

    I'm friendly with the author Ryder Windham and it's fun to get to chat with him while I read about things he researched.
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    I scanned through SW: Visions at B&N yesterday, thinking it might be like SW:YBY. It seems to be other artwork related to SW, but at $40 I passed (even with 20% in coupons). I'll try to find it elsewhere cheaper. Anyone have this one already who'd say "get it now!" or "get out, now!" or "I just don't get it, now"?
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    A nice 45% coupon + membership and looking more through SW: Visions told me that I should pick up this book after all. Especially after noticing some of the "tasteful" paintings (see page 112 ) of female characters included.
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