That's the question a 30-something woman asked me several times last night at Target while shopping for her kids.

She wanted all the main characters to give to her son and daughter, and struck up the conversation while looking for Luke, Leia, and Han. She already had Vader, R2, 3PO, and Chewie in her cart, having taken figures from both TVC and Saga Legends. I was glad to be able to help her find the last Luke Bespin and Leia Hoth in the house, as well as both the new TVC Han Hoth and the Saga Legends Han Hoth which led to a little confusion and discussion about why there were 2 of him on pegs at the same time.

She said she didn't care at all about "the new guys" from the prequel, adding that she didn't even know who they were really after seeing the films. That put a smirk on my face.

One of her issues while combing pegs was with a lack of Lukes available, and I was forced to agree since they had recently stocked and already there were no more Luke Snowspeeder Pilots, and just 1 deep-pegged Bespin Lukes. I have to say, considering the line right now is about ESB and its main hero is Luke Skywalker, the lack of Luke figures on peg is a missed opportunity. She clearly understood how Saga Legends was there to support TVC, so that line is doing its job in the larger reach, but it's a line without the main hero.

She also asked who the Dak figure was, when I told her she scoffed and said she didn't want that guy - we both chuckled.

Bottom line though was that she was one of the collector community who Hasbro was targeting, she had come back to the fold after a while - not sure how long, her question about why it had been so long since they came back could have meant since the '80s or could have meant this year, I wasn't entirely sure. But she was recalling the figures from her childhood when she was buying for her kids last night, so The Vintage Collection had clearly worked on her. But will it take advantage of that momentum once the prequels get added into the mix, and will Saga Legends help support it better than it has been lately? If this is a classic-collector grab, perhaps both lines need to work in concert better - there's still no Stormtrooper on pegs, and Luke should be everywhere again.