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Thread: Boss Nass

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    Boss Nass

    If anyone, for some strange odd reason or another, wants a carded, nearly mint Ep. I Boss Nass, I have one. Reply to this post and tell me what you have available for trade.

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    i was wondering wht version the Nass is. is it a .0000 or a .0100?

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    What do YOU want it to be?

    It's a .0000, with only five or so figures on the back.

    I also have available:
    *POTJ Bespin Escape Lando Calrissian
    *EI Ody Mandrell w/ Pit Droid
    *POTF (slightly damaged bubble) Royal Guard on HoloSticker
    *Tri-Language POTF 4-LOM

    I'm looking for (all on card):
    *SOTE Luke in Guard Disguise
    *SOTE Dash Rendar
    *EU Mara Jade
    *EU Imperial Sentinel
    *EI Battle Damage Destroyer Droid
    *EI Naboo Swamp Jar Jar
    *EI TC-14
    *EI R2-B1
    *EI Sio Bibble
    *EI Battle Amidala w/ Ascension Gun
    *EI Pit Droids 2-pack
    *POTJ Royal Decoy Amidala
    *POTJ Imperial Officer
    *POTJ Rebel Trooper Tantive IV Defender
    *POTJ Eeth Koth
    *POTJ Zutton
    *POTJ BoShek
    *POTJ R4-M9
    *POTJ Teebo

    If you have anything, that would be great.

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    Just wondering if you could increase the size a bit... having a hard time reading it...


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