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    Clone Wars Wave 2 shadow of the dark side

    Hey guys, any one have a clue about when we can expect these? The wave containing Kit Fisto and Mace Windu. The Hasbro presentation stated they'd be out in August but I've yet to see them anywhere or hear or read anything.

    Also, which store will they likely hit first? Really looking forward to this wave hehe.

    Fyi, it is the blue/black carded wave of clone wars figures.

    Thanks in advance!

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    early august when wms started reset, this wave was first spotted there, but now wms (or at least locally) have restocked en mass w/ wave 1. i would almost expect this wv at target and tru very soon. personally, i am anxious for flamethrower clone wave, boba/embo wave and the q vos wave. the kit/mace wave is ok, but for retools/repaint wm prices didnt seem fair but i got 'm any way.

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    Anyone know when or if the wave is hitting any other retailers? Target? ToysRus?

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    You should check more Walmarts, as I've seen them at a few different ones. I'm not sure on the other stores.
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    This wave is at my local Walmart in Indianapolis right now.

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    I found the Mandalorian and ARC Trooper battle packs this week. I went with the Mandalorians over the ARC troopers because the ARC trooper pack had both Ep-II and EP-III troopers and I don't care for the Ep-II ones. I probably should have gone the other way.

    First off, I'm pretty sure this is the womans battalion of the Madalorian Death Watch Squad. Their slender legs, arms, and waist have no meat to them. They are very articulated, but the articulation makes no sense. One wrist moves up and down, the other wrist moves left and right. In order to make the figure sit, you have to spread the legs out, then bend the legs. The paint job is okay, the blue looks alot better than the non-blue colors. The guns look as if a kid made them out of cardboard and painted them silver.

    All in all, I am extremely disapointed with this set. It was one of the few sets I was looking forward to getting and it failed on many levels.
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