Yesterday, I was at my local Target and noticed that their SL figures were on pegs tagged $9.19, more than a buck over their TVC figures. I thought maybe it was a mistake, scanned one, and it was no mistake. This is an urban high-traffic store, and some of those seem to charge more for some items, so today I hit 2 more Target stores and they had their Saga Legends at $8 and $9.19, 1 was another urban store (they had endcap pegs with the old price, but the main display had the new price).

So I figured I'd pick up figures at WM, right? WRONG! They've also raised SL prices to $7.96, which is 50 cents more than TRU at this point. This is madness! Especially with the pegs in my area flooded with SL figures already since they're mixed in with CW and choking CW off (ha, what irony!), wave 1 is definitely feeling itself out and wave 2 has found its pegwarmers around here (Han Hoth hood-up and the Battle Droids are the ones around here).

What is wrong with these companies? Why gouge a market that's already depressed?