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    Question Looking for a good game controller for PC...

    I don't want to spend a gajillion dollars, but I'd like to use something other than my keyboard and mouse. Does any one have a good suggestion?
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    Xbox360 controllers are easily compatible with Windows. Some people I know have had success with 3rd party controllers, but I did not. I got one and could not get my Vista computer to recognize it, but it had no issue with a stock 360 controller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFCollector View Post
    Xbox360 controllers are easily compatible with Windows.
    Going along the lines of using home console controllers for PCs, if you look around there are also a few websites around that sell first party controllers (NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, GCN, PS2, etc.) that have been modified so that the original controller wire/console plug have been replaced with a USB port wire like what is used on a third party PC controller, keyboard, or mouse/trackball (thus making them PC compatible).
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    A buddy of mine has this one, says it's decent, and it's cheap:
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    Awesome! Thanks for the help, gentlemen!!
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