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    Boardwalk Empire

    Almost a week after the premiere, and no thread for this? There oughtta be a law....

    I finally got Chux Jr to bed early enough tonight to watch the first episode.

    I don't want to spoil things (yet), but this show fills the void left by both The Sopranos and Deadwood, and it fills it superbly.

    However, one question for anyone who was watching: obviously, there's a Deadwood-style mix of historical figures (Capone, Luciano), fictionalized characters based on historical ones (like Enoch Thompson being based on Enoch Johnson), and totally fictional ones. When Jimmy is being questioned by the feds, one of the agents looks remarkably like J Edgar Hoover. It'd be bending facts a bit to place Hoover there, but does anyone know if that was supposed to be him?
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    I missed the Hoover connection completely as far as the actor's looks. I'll have to re-watch the first episode. I doubt it would have been him but who knows? This is Hollywood.

    I really like the casting for this show. So far, it's worked really well.

    Really shocked to be introduced to Jimmy's mom! (That's all I'll say here). YIKES!

    Looking forward to the rest of the season.
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    It wasn't Hoover, after all. They revealed his name in the second episode: Nelson Van Alden. And it appears he's going to be a major character going forward.

    But he really does resemble a certain reputed tranvestite and former head of the FBI.

    And, yeah, I totally thought Jimmy was having an affair, even after he said "Mom," until the dialogue confirmed it really was his mother. Shades of Oedipus there.

    I hope we haven't seen the last of Capone and Luciano in the show, but I've got a pretty strong feeling we haven't.
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    Van Alden has very minor shades of an Elliott Ness character to me with his brief intro so far. We'll see what happens next.

    I agree about Capone. I think he and Jimmy will be "punks" for a while before they transform into Gangsterous Primes. I'm curious how the writers will approach their early days.

    Still can't get Jimmy's mom's greeting out of my head.......
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    I'm not an expert on them, but, so far, I think the show has been fairly accurate in terms of Capone and Luciano... accurate in the Deadwood sense, that is.
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    They should spin-off Capone into his own show - the rise of Al Capone leading into a new version of The Untouchables by these same folks would truly rock my socks!

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    I missed the first episode, but I did catch the new episode. This seems like a good one, and I will be watching.
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    "I ain't buildin' no bookshelves".
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    "I ain't buildin' no bookshelves".
    Yeah, I'm really loving this show!
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