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    I want to see Nelson UNLEASHED!
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    I'm surprised we haven't yet. He looks about ready to snap. And his run-in with the corrupt fed is going to make him question what he thought he knew about the system, so methinks he's going to be O'Banion's baddest enforcer since he'll no longer care about right and wrong.
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    Calling it right now: Based on Harrow's discussion with Nucky and Nucky's recurring nightmare, Rosetti is going to kill or harm one of Nucky's adopted kids, probably his son. Harrow, probably without even being asked by Nucky, is going to end this irritating b*****d in short order.

    Rosetti is the only thing about this show I hate, but I love that he's going to be dead meat probably by the end of this season.
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    That's what I like about the Rosetti character: you just love to hate him! He's an extraordinary creep!

    I agree....someone's going to build a book case with him.
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    Factor in that Rosetti's cozying up to Jillian, and Harrow hates Jillian for trying to make her grandson forget Angela ever existed, and I'd say it's 110% certain that Harrow will be firmly on Nucky's side by the end of Season 3. His saying he didn't blame Nucky for Jimmy's death because Jimmy was a soldier and chose his path kinda reinforces that.

    And it's always awesome to see Doyle get his comeuppance, even if he somehow manages to survive.

    But, yes, I foresee much buildin' of bookcases in the very near future.
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    Keeping Owen "in line" you also think Nucky suspects any shenanigans with Margaret, too?
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    Not sure. It looks like it may be a moot point now.

    Last night's episode was stellar. I loved the way they set it up as if Rothstein and his crew were doing the exact opposite of what they were up to. I was fooled up until I realized who the gunman was, I'll admit it--and, until this was reported to Nucky, I suspected it was Luciano going behind Rothstein's back for his own reasons.

    Nucky's affair with Billie is disastrous. It's harming his relationships with Margaret, Eddie, and Rothstein. I'm willing to bet she's going to die when Rosetti gets his revenge.

    Good to finally see a payoff developing in the Van Alden/O'Bannion subplot. That man's going to wind up dirtier than any of the bootleggers he once chased.

    But, really, I could've lived a happy life without ever seeing Little Rosetti.
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    I ain't no cabby.

    It's HBO, after all...
    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    But, really, I could've lived a happy life without ever seeing Little Rosetti.
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Really enjoyed the scene between Esther Randolph and Nucky at breakfast at the diner. Wonderfully written dialogue!
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    Well, I expected what happened at the end of tonight's episode to happen, just a bit later in the season. Oh, there will definitely be some bookcases not getting built next week. (Though I think the teaser's implication that Rothstein, Torrio, and Rosetti are all gunning for Nucky is a big old red herring.)

    Not quite sure where the hospital subplot is going. I hope it gets wherever it's going soon, though. Definitely have a feeling that Owen, Harrow, and Chalky are going to be the big wild cards in what's coming down. Not sure that all of them are going to make it.

    I can't remember for sure: when Van Alden was in Atlantic City, did he ever encounter Capone?
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