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    I can't say for certain, but I don't think Van Alden's and Capone's paths have crossed. If they did, I think Van Alden would remember a younger Capone and not the one we know now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    I can't say for certain, but I don't think Van Alden's and Capone's paths have crossed. If they did, I think Van Alden would remember a younger Capone and not the one we know now.
    I was actually thinking Capone remembering Van Alden. This whole subplot with "Mueller" is going to come to a head as he gets more and more batpoop insane. I'm not sure how yet... not that it matters, because the trip to that point is going to be awesome.

    Didn't realize Gaston Means was a real person until I looked him up because I couldn't quite place Stephen Root. Now that I can place him, I find it awesome that Bill Dauterive is a recurring character on BE.
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    I need Santa to bring me Seasons 1 and 2. I honestly can't remember if Capone knows Van Alden. Yes, Nelson Unleashed is earmarked to be epic!
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    I watched the latest episode in español last night (hooray for being bilingual!). Dialog is about 100% of what it is in English. I just wish Nucky's voice was more mature. Gillian Darmody's and Billie Kent's (or should I now say Went) voices are surprisingly close. A valiant effort to copy Richard Harrow's voice, but no cigar.

    Comparing the voices reminds me of watching a certain little science fiction movie when I was a student in Spain....
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Owen, Harrow, and Chalky...Not sure that all of them are going to make it.
    Sometimes I hate being right. They actually made the now deceased into a very interesting character this season. I'm hoping a conversation from a few episodes back really brings the wrath of God down on Rosetti in cold-blooded, half-masked form, and not some nasty run-in between the a*****e psycho and someone else.

    Too bad Masseria will live for another nine years and is safe, though, after this episode, it ought to be really interesting to see if they'll explain why Luciano would be behind his death.
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    1)- Go Richard!
    2)- Make Chalky mad? Really Nucky?
    3)- Didn't see that one coming so soon (delivery).
    4)- What's a girl gonna do?
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    For #2, well, there are only two episodes left. Makes sense to get it out of the way now and up the stakes for the finale.

    Potential spoilers ahead if anyone else is reading; don't say you weren't warned!

    Looking at the little clues dropped throughout the season, if I were a betting man, I'd put everything on Harrow putting an end to Rosetti, and I think I know what will bring this about (though I don't know specifics). I think it's a bet so safe Rothstein couldn't pass on it.

    There's the conversation between Nucky and Harrow from earlier. He makes a point to say he killed Horowitz, not for any business-related reason, but because he killed Angela, who was uninvolved in the whole mob thing. He makes a point to say that Nucky and his family have nothing to fear from him, though he obviously knows what happened to Jimmy, because Jimmy chose his fate, and also says that Nucky's family was good to him. The ongoing drama with Jimmy's kid and his beau are definitely getting him into a more "family" state of mind, but his practically killing her dad for disrespecting her (it was subtle but obvious he didn't care what was said about himself) show he still has the same sense of honor and tendency to violence.

    I don't recall the writers' names, but they previously worked on The Sopranos, where dreams were incredibly important. Several times early in the season, Nucky dreamed of his stepson with a bullet wound. Gyp Rosetti knows who his kids are (I believe both were up during the New Year's party when he was present), and they've shown several times he really doesn't give a crap about anyone but himself and will kill someone for absolutely no reason. He's siding with Gillian, who Harrow can't help but hate already, and I'm guessing he'll kill or wound Nucky's kid. When that happens, he's as good as dead.

    Then Luciano negotiates the cease-fire (partly as an F-U to Gillian) and comes out on top without anyone else realizing it.

    Truth is, the Van Alden subplot is getting more interesting, and I hope it's not prematurely ended with the season. We know there's another season, so I hope the end of this one just sets it up.
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    Nice analysis, Chux.

    I think we also had the question answered with the Van Alden/Capone meeting as to whether they've met before.

    Bring on the cliffhangers!
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    "Mr. Harrow?"

    "Not now. I'm busy. 65, 66, 67, 68, 69....."
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    You're insane.

    Judging from that teaser for next week, he's at least on 85.

    Looks like I was wrong about Luciano brokering the deal, unless he does it from behind bars. Also didn't factor Capone getting directly involved. I'm still betting Rothstein negotiates the peace (between Nucky and Masseria) after Harrow provides some much-needed ventilation to Rosetti's skull.

    Really hoping to get some follow-up on Van Alden next week, too.
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