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    "This is not a good time!"

    --George Mueller (aka Nelson Van Alden)
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    I have to wonder how that's going to play with Capone. If he sent those other guys to kill O'Banion and they beat Van Alden to the punch, he could be in trouble.

    Then again, I'm not sure Van Alden is ever truly in trouble. He just crazies his way out of every situation. Not that I want either to die, but I hope that, at some point, there will be a Harrow/Van Alden showdown of sorts. That should prove interesting.

    Other than that, Rothstein definitely on the downward slope, Narcisse about to be killed (or kill; that mother's pretty insane himself), Nucky currently neutral in the Narcisse/Chalky war (though next week's preview, if not a quote out of context, suggests that might change), Gillian's beau is definitely not what he seems but I've no idea what his game is, and holy crap, did Richard Harrow just replace Eddie Kinsler as Nucky's right-hand man?

    The Eli teaser looks like he's selling Nucky out. However, he's also shown asking his son if something is what he really wants, which might be a life in the family business....
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    holy crap, did Richard Harrow just replace Eddie Kinsler as Nucky's right-hand man?
    I have been working w-a-y too many hours. THAT didn't even dawn on me! That would be very interesting on many levels: security, of course, but Richard was in Margret's good graces as well. He'd be an interesting ally if Nucky's looking to patch things up with Margret and the children.
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    Well, it looks like if "right-hand man" means "dishwasher at the club," I was right!

    I've got to think Richard will be the wildcard again this season. Which I'm cool with. He's working at a club that is now nominally controlled by Narcisse. He's a white guy. And we already saw there was some resentment until Chalky personally vouched for him. Narcisse, being one of the biggest racists in recent TV history, isn't going to be cool with that quiet white dude washing dishes. And Richard sure as hell ain't going to be cool with someone messing with the kids of one of his friends, which I wouldn't put past Narcisse now that he knows who they are.

    And as for Chalky, damn. That man is an utter bada** even when he's wounded and seemingly down for the count.

    Nucky (sort of) on the run in his own town again? I'd complain this was repetitive, but it always seems to lend itself to some serious awesome.

    As for Eli, I think we're getting the mother of all red herrings here. Whether with Nucky's cooperation or not, he's feeding Knox wrong information. It's hinted at this week, albeit really subtly. Eli's told Knox about their Chicago contact... who's been dead for two years. And he claims he doesn't know anything more current. Which is utter BS. Look at the end of last season. It took place less than a year prior, and Eli personally went to get Torrio and wound up dealing with Capone instead. I think, either on his own or with Nucky's support, he's playing with Knox. The minute he found out what William got himself into, he knows Nucky tried to protect him (meaning both William and Eli) at great personal and professional risk.
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    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    I probably won't see it for a few days.

    But whatever ****tard intern does the official Facebook page already spoiled it.
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    Ok I'm a season behind but hey I don't have HBO so back off will ya!?!? Anywho I finished season III and that was good. I didn't like Gyp and was happy he died but was surprised how it happened, I was also surprised that Gillian died as well, I was happy to see Mr Harrow kick some butt and thought Billie Kent was cute as all get out.

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    *Spoilers* When you see Season 4, JJB, be prepared that all isn't as it seems from your post above...
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    I finally watched the Season 4 finale last night.

    Gawd, I love this show.
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    To quote Tom Petty: "The waiting is the hardest part". C'mon Season 5!
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