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    Favorite video game?

    With all the favorite threads around I thought I'd add this one.
    So, what's your all time favorite video game? You know, the one that's kept you awake for days trying to reach the next stage/level whatever? For me it has to be Super Mario world on the Super nintendo - man, I could play that game forever. Even now in these days of X-boxes & Game cubes, I still dip into my antique snes for a quick Mario fix.
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    I don't have a favorite video game. There are just too many good ones to choose from.

    Right now I'm working on Super Mario World for SNES on my computer. I could play this game for hours.

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    ROM's rule.
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    Usually I just set some time to play a game as much as I can to get to the last levels, so right I'd have to say Rogue Leader because I played that alot to try to "master" the levels so when I finally got me a memory card I could finally work on beating the final level and get gold medals.
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    To find out in a thread that I had two months ago click here.
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