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    Galactic Heroes Vehicles Wishlist

    OK, GH fans, I'm starting a Vehicle wishlist on my blog to see how many ideas are out there, and how popular some of them are!

    Feel free to discuss your ideas here of course, but then head to the link below to suggest up to 10 vehicles you'd like to see in the Galactic Heroes line - thanks!
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    I think we have a thread started for this column, but I'll bite.

    If they don't make a basic TIE Fighter and soon. I am probably done with the line. As much as I love GH, I think they might have run their course. They are running out of characters that they are willing to do and instead of redoing past figures they are just re-releaseing old molds.
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    He said "vehicles," so I'm going to leave beasts out of my list for the moment.

    Blockade Runner
    Star Destroyer
    Imperial Landing Craft
    TIE Fighter
    Jabba's Sailbarge
    TIE Interceptor
    Endor AT-ST (repack)
    Republic Diplomatic Crusier (Radiant 7)
    Vulture Droid Fighter (flying and walking)
    Royal Starship
    Sith Infiltrator
    Anakin's speeder
    Zam's speeder
    Republic Gunship
    Hailfire Droid
    Dooku's solar sailor
    Droid Tri-Fighter
    Grievous' Wheelbike
    Grievou's starfighter
    Magna Droid starfighter
    Turbo Tank
    Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
    Droid Gunship
    Wookiee Catamaran
    Wookiee Flyer
    Padme's Star Skiff
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