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    Teebo Wave = At Hasblo, quality is job 1...hundred and 34!

    I recieved the Teebo wave from D&S yesterday. The paint jobs on these guys are CRAP!!!! BoShek has the white highlights just sploched on, it looks like someone did it with a spray paint can. R4-M9 looks yucky too. The drab green color just kind of goes where it wants. Teebo isn't too bad, but imperfections in the fur are difficult to spot/easy to overlook.

    I know some people have stated that the quality of the paint jobs for the first wave of E2 figures was really bad too. I hope they are better than this. Otherwise I will need the whole day off just to look through hundreds of figures to find the good ones.

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    Hasbro probably fired its quality control engineers right around the time the Ketwol wave was going into production, because its been fairly downhill since.

    And it's not just paint, the figures themselves have gained fragility lately.
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    See, they say the vinyl costs them more to use as it means better detail. Well i was quite happy with the amount of detail in the later waves of POTF figures and don't see the need for super realism in an action figure. I'd prefer them to go back to using more robust materials and losing some detail. Weapons that don't bend, limbs that don't pop out of sockets, paint that looks like paint and not like an accidental wash with dirty paint thinners.

    I really feel fot the sculptors y'know. It must be heart breaking to put all that work into making a great face sculpt or sculpting fabric that looks like it flows. And then the factory churns out big lumps of poodoo. millions of bad paint jobs that cheapen that good sculpt. It'd be like someone making figures from the avatars I do. And after the first two waves making them out of recycled plastics and paying blind people to paint them..... just awful.

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    I just got mine today from, and I'd have to agree somewhat on the paint jobs. R4 looks okay, the green stay pretty much where it's supposed to. But with the Bo Shek, the white is pretty much all over the place, and I really don't like the use of these spongy accessories. His blaster is like clay. BUT, even though the Teebo has a few paint imperfections, his weapon is actually SOLID plastic. It's even stronger than Wicket's.
    So, now I'm starting to wonder what is up at Hasbro. They say the new soft crap is for safety, but Teebo has hard plastic and all of their new GI Joe figures have hard plastic accessories too.
    Why can't they just go back to the way they were?

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    It could be because they are either: a.) Money grubbing scum, or b.) big fat hypocrites.
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    How about all of the above.
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    You can have that one Mr. Bo Jango... I forgot that number one rule of "all of the above"!!! Sorry.
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    Well it is true.
    Hasbro is really trying to screw us.
    They make these figures hard to find first of all, then if you are lucky enough to get one the paint job looks like it was done by a blind person.
    "You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda."-Dean Winchester
    R12:2-Be Transformed

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    sounds like you got a bd batch. I received my set yesterday and the paint deco was very good.

    damn, a couple of the above 'posters' sound bitter as hell.

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    Bitter? What's bitter in this thread? Just a sense of disappointment and being puzzled. Some of you guys have some really weird notions about what being bitter and jaded is. Forgive me for not being laalaa happy as a church lover but hey - I'm British, we're born grumpy. I guess I must be one of the last few people alive to still have an enduring set of standards and values that I attach to buying products. Seems expectations aren't that high among the younger collectors or those who are myopic about star wars.

    If clothing has holes in it or seams that are unravelling do you not take back the product or complain to the manufacturer? If your car develops a problem do you not complain to the manufacturer? This is only the same thing - voicing dissatisfaction with standards in the only place that allows such thoughts to reach the eyes of those we cannot reach any other way.


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