I just was noting how thorough the ESB celebration is.

You pretty much can get everything.


TRU still has the Luke Hoth, TaunTaun, Wampa, with Ice Cave battlepack.

Target has the Rebel and Imperial Hoth Battlepacks with AT-STs and Turrets.

Snowspeeders and AT-ATs are readily available.

A version of Han Hoth and Leia Hoth are out. Vader and Snowtroopers are once more in a battlepack as well as carded.

Almost all the pieces are set.


Is the only setting that's lacking - and Hasbro won't make playsets.

Luke Bespin is available - as is Luke Snowspeeder Pilot (how Luke originally lands on Dagobah). And Yoda is out there.

There is no X-wing on shelves right now - especially that moss-covered one, however.


Well, there's no Lando or Lobot figure currently offered. But that's pretty much it.

The Twin Pod Cloud Car is out there.

Slave-One is available, albeit in a Clone Wars format. But if you're patient, it will be repainted. In the meanwhile, if you're not particular, it is a huge, brand-new sculpt that's just awesome!

Again, Hasbro won't do playsets of a huge Freezing Chamber (all-new, and capable of displaying 20-30 figures) would be perfect.

Boba Fett is available in stores.

ANH did not have all that available. It's promo was TAC.

There were some good figures, but it wasn't thorough and the anniversary offerings were themed towards Ralph McQuarrie instead of ALL movie-cannon stuff. (Not that we didn't enjoy the McQuarrie collection for sure!)

The BMF was summer 2008, not 2007's TAC offering. I don't recall if there was a large X-wing that year, or a TIE Fighter for that matter. - Or Vader's TIE? There hasn't been a landspeeder in a while, nor a OT style Y-wing. The Sandcrawler must be made huge if they go with this vehicle again.

I wonder what they will do for ROTJ's 25th? It's the perfect time for a Sailbarge and skiff re-do. The AT-ST (Endor) can be offered again - as might A-wings, B-wings, and Interceptors. But surely the Sailbarge would be the best 30th Anniversary item!!!

Figure-wise, they'll never get out every Jabba alien and Ewok all in one year. It would be nice - and with the Ewoks, maybe battlepacks would do it.

However, can you really see Ephant Mon being re-released? Well, maybe.

But clearly, with its smaller cast, ESB has been thoroughly well done!