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    I saw only an R5 from the wave today, picked up the card, looked at the front and back, put it back on the peg again. I may actually have reached the point where even a cool (or semi-cool) figure isn't enough anymore. I may really be done with SW action figure buying this time. There will be books, and comics, and even trading cards but..., music, video, clothing, etc. purchased, but I believe I have finally maxed-out on the 3 3/4" horde.
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    Saw this wave at Walmart the other day. What is really kind of a bummer is the Utapau Clone Trooper's helmet is discolored just like the ROTS Clone before him. I won't be buying any of these.
    It's a good thing I kept quite a few of the older ones.

    This inferior plastic removable helmet thing is not working out on white Troopers lately, and especially at the higher prices they want for them now.
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    Finally found this wave at WM this morning. Picked up Han, Luke, R5, and Yoday, admittedly primarily for the cards. Was going to get the Utapau Clone, but aftyer seeing how discolored the helmets were, I, too, won't waste my money on these. The versions I bought a few years ago will do just fine.
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    I saw the Utapau Clone again today and looked at the helmet. It didn't seem too discolored. It probably wasn't as white as the rest, but it didn't seem to bad. Maybe in a different light or out of the package it would look different to me.

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    This question may have been answered furthur back but....what happened to Wedge? Is he shipping with the next wave or what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonthejedi View Post
    This question may have been answered furthur back but....what happened to Wedge? Is he shipping with the next wave or what?
    He's coming out with a re-release of the ROTJ wave (@ 1 per case) that's supposed to be shipping in May. The pegs are going to be so full of sandtroopers, Anakin/Vader's, and clone troopers by then (as if they aren't already) that I never expect to see it.

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    Been seeing remnants of this wave around, finally found the Luke Death Star Escape figure and bought it. That and maybe the Stormtrooper are the only ones I want from this wave, just not an inspiring wave IMO at this $8-9 price.

    Luke has a very nice head sculpt, I definitely approve of that work, it comes through with the right expression for the movie. The belt is good too, and the soft-goods skirt is alright, it matches the color of the tunic for once right on.

    The legs are a bit of an ugly, skinny horror-show worse than they were on the '04 VOTC figure, but the problem isn't length as folks thought with the figure's basis (the Resurgence of the Jedi pack), the problem is the width of the stance. The figure sports ball-hinge hips, but not only are they designed to spring either to straight or pretty far out, but they leave a massive gap at the thigh when used. This is too bad, because it's high time we get a really good Luke ANH and this figure (and the one its based on) are so close yet too far.
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    This wave has started to stick around over here and there were finally enough Han Solos that I could cherry pick the ones with the best paint apps. The likeness actually improves tremendously depending on the way the paint is applied. So, I bought the two best examples that I could find and I think it's actually a better Harrison Ford likeness than the 2004 VOTC figure.
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    Wave 5 Found in Atlanta

    I picked up several figures from Wave 5 (Luke ANH, Stormtrooper, Jedi Luke, and Yoda) the past couple of weeks at WalMarts around metro Atlanta. I still haven't seen any Wave 4, not sure if they ever will show up. Local Targets are still sporting Waves 1 and 2 (Dengar mostly), which I cannot believe! It's May, and no new vintage cards since maybe November! Maybe Target will get Wave 4 by Labor Day...


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